Will Vishwaroopam 2 face problems? - Kamal Answers

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Saturday, Aug 23, 2014

Will Vishwaroopam 2 face problems? - Kamal Answers

When Kamal's Vishwaroopam was released the Muslim groups was against the film and thus the film was delayed was the release and the film was released after the issues were sorted out. Now he has directed and acted in the sequal of this film 'Vishwaroopam 2.

There were speculations among the audience and between the media people that this film will also face controversies or problems like the former one.

'When Kamal Haasan was asked whether Vishwaroopam face similar problems like Vishhwaroopam, he said no. He also said that he has made certain changes in the script of Vishwaroopam 2.

He also said that his films are only becoming the pray to these controversies every time. 'My current venture Uttama Villain will be making up to the screens first and after which Vishwaroopam 2 will be released', said Kamal Haasan.

He is also doing the remake of the Malayalam venture Drishyam and the shooting of this film will be commencing soon.

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