Yet another trouble for ‘Thalaivaa’

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Thursday, Aug 08, 2013

Yet another trouble for ‘Thalaivaa’

Movie ‘Thalaivaa’ starring Vijay has crossed issues with regard to title, and issues with censor board. The movie is to hit screens tomorrow.  Now, the movie is entangled in problems as direct political intervention against the movie release, and bomb threat to theatres which are to screen the movie.

Chennai Sessions Court has issued order to send notice demanding explanation from producer and director with regard to case filed against the movie. 

SKR Kannan, who hails from Seethaparpanallur village in Tirunelveli district, has filed complaint petition with the Chennai Sessions Court. 

SS Kandasamy is popular among Tamils residing in Dharavi, Mumbai.  Before Independence, he moved from Seethaparpanallur village to Dharavi. 

There, he made money from tannery business.  Also, he did social and religious service to the impoverished.  He headed many outfits including South Indian Adi Dravida Mahajan Sangh. 

SSK had three sons as SK Ramasamy, SK Pannerselvam, SK Azhagarsamy, and a daughter named Mallika.  Pannerselvam was murdered following professional rivalry.  Azharswamy died under mysterious circumstances. 

Among them, SK Ramasamy did social service and turned popular among masses.  He raised temples and schools in Mumbai.  Also, he was councilor in Mumbai Metropolitan. 

SK Ramasamy had done good to not alone Mumbai Tamils, but had done service for his village people in Tamil Nadu.  SK Ramasamy passed away on 15.2.87.  For social service that he did, he was called the head of Dharavi. 

I am SK Ramasamy’s son.  As I came across reports in newspapers, I came to know that lives of my grandfather and father have been taken as movie.  Sathyaraj has done the role of my grandfather, and Vijay has done role of my father. 

Like the white attire that my grandfather and father sported, both of the actors sport the white attire for ‘Thalaivaa’.  But, the story is such that Vijay traces those who murdered his father and kills them.  My father did not murder anybody. 

Movie ‘Thalaivaa’ portrays my father and grandfather as dons and as those who indulged in antisocial activities. The movie is to hit screens on August 9th.  If the movie is released, people would lose respect for my family.  Our future would be hit.

So, the movie ‘Thalaivaa’ should be banned from release. 

The petition came for hearing before the magistrates in Sessions Court.  Magistrates, on hearing the case issued order to send notice to director, producer, and distributor demanding explanation.

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