Youth has close brush with Rajini

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Tuesday, Jan 24, 2012

Youth has close brush with Rajini

The anniversary for Lata Rajinikanth’s ‘Ashram’ school was conducted in Kamarajar stadium in Teynampet.  During the occasion awards in Rajini’s name were presented to special achievers.

Rajini, who came for participation in the event, stepped out of the stadium into a car with tinted glass.  Many people who did not know it was Rajini inside were slowly pacing about as usual.  The car somehow crossed the Kamarajar stadium and proceeded to the main road.

Rajini, who noticed two press people standing there lowered the glass and smiled at them.  Then with a gesture with his hands he departed.    A youth on bike noticed Rajini and chased Rajini’s car.

Rajini’s car stopped in the signal.  Due to urgency and eagerness, the youth abandoned his bike in middle of the road and ran towards Rajini’s car.

Rajini lowered the glass and remarked at the youth ‘Would anybody drop his bike and run like this… What if you lose balance?  It is a big mistake to ride the bike at such speed’ Finishing his speech Rajini raised the glass.

The moment Rajini raised the glass the signal changed.

Rajini’s car left and the youth happy about Rajini conversing with him took his bike and left the place.

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