» Saamy Square
21 Sep, 2018
Sequels always enthuse interest. Many films in the past have had sequels recently and among them cop
» Raja Ranguski
21 Sep, 2018
Crime thrillers always find favor with people. If executed well, they end up spinning money at the box office. Especially
» U Turn
14 Sep, 2018
Movies centered on woman characters are slowly mushrooming in Tamil cinema and they are also making a mark
» Seema Raja
14 Sep, 2018
Call it a super hat trick from Sivakarthikeyan, Soori and Pinram trio. Seema Raja that comes after
» Thodraa
08 Sep, 2018
Movie on castes and violence are not new in Tamil cinema. Many a movie spoke in detail about
» Vanjagar Ulagam
08 Sep, 2018
Actor Guru Somasundaram, who played the lead in ‘Joker’, is back with a spirited and a strong performance
» Aarudhra
01 Sep, 2018
After a decent outing in Strawberry, lyric st-actor Pa Vijay is back with a movie that speaks against child abuse
» 60 Vayadu Maaniram
01 Sep, 2018
Radha Mohan is one of the very few filmmakers who have a desire to render quality films within commercial
» Imaikkaa Nodigal
30 Aug, 2018
Call it a super interesting thriller. Imaikka Nodigal is a fairly gripping that leaves an impact thanks to Nayathara's performance.
» Lakshmi
25 Aug, 2018
Movies on dance is a rarity on Indian cinema. Films like Salangai Oli, Poda Podi and ABCD were made in the past. Joining the
» Merku Thodarchi Malai
25 Aug, 2018
Merku Thodarchi Malai is special for its produced by Vijay Sethupathi and went on to win many awards and accolades
» Echcharikkai
25 Aug, 2018
Filmmaker Sarjun K M needs no introduction. His short films Lakshmi and Paa went viral in YouTube. Now he makes
» Kalari
25 Aug, 2018
A movie that is high on emotional values. It speaks about bonding and relationship. Three cheers to Krishna Chand,
» Kolamavu Kokila
17 Aug, 2018
When was the last time Tamil cinema saw an actress playing drug peddler. When was the last time everything was centered on her and the
» Marainthirunthu Paarkum Marmam Enna
17 Aug, 2018
Marainthirunthu Paarkum Marmam Enna (MPME) is a crime drama that focuses on chain-snatchings. Quite like the recent film Metro, it speaks
» Odu Raju Odu
17 Aug, 2018
Can a film on underworld and drug peddlers be made as quirky comedy. Can it throw realities of life. How can
» Pyaar Prema Kaadhal
11 Aug, 2018
Romantic comedies are a regular in Tamil cinema. But they would be far from convincing the audience. They
» Vishwaroopam 2
11 Aug, 2018
Expectations run sky-high ever since Kamal Haasan's Vishwaroopam 2's release was announced. A spy thriller, it has action aplenty. It is
» Mohini
27 Jul, 2018
Eerie thrillers always entertain Tamil audience. They are proven winners at the box office. Here comes Mohini
» Junga
27 Jul, 2018
Who said don movies in Tamil cinema has to be serious and action-packed? Director Gokul and actor Vijay
» Mr Chandramouli
06 Jul, 2018
When the real life father-son repeats the same on screen, their onscreen
» Tik Tik Tik
22 Jun, 2018
All eyes were on Tik Tik Tik as it was touted to be country's first space film. The movie brought together Shakthi
» Traffic Ramaswamy
22 Jun, 2018
Doing bio-pic is never an easy job. It has to stay close to reality and ensure that everything that is on screen should
» Goli Soda 2
15 Jun, 2018
Cinematographer - filmmaker Vijay Milton won the admiration of all coming up with an action packed entertainer in Goli Soda
» Kaala
08 Jun, 2018
After much hype comes Rajini's Kaala. First thing first it speaks from where Rajini and Pa Ranjith left in Kabali

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