313 Trisha,Laxmi rai fight is over Video by Mankatha Actress

Trisha,Laxmi rai fight is over - Mankatha Actress

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http://www.tamilstar.com/ All the trouble started with movie Mankatha Trisha was heroine for namesake in the movie. Lakshmi Rai was the one who outshined Trisha in the movie. Due to this, Trisha underwent lot of mental agony. The reason is that, Venkat Prabhu related both the characters to Trisha and left the selection of role to her choice.  As reports went abuzz that Lakshim Rai outshined through performance in role that Trisha dismissed, Trisha made an open comment about Lakshmi Rai. Lakshmi Rai retorted back and there has been the prevalence of cold war for the last one year. Both avoided coming across each other in events. Now both have bid adieu to the clash and have developed friendship. 

Recently, in the Dubai Film Festival, there was chance for both Lakshmi Rai and Trisha to sit beside each other After finish of the festival, both spoke out their hearts to each other in the party which was held all through the night. Following that, both seem to have hugged each other closely and seem to have turned intimate friends. Live witnesses say that both waved their hands amicably at each other before leaving.



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