162 Telecast Rights to Vijay Video by Sneha Prasanna Wedding

Telecast Rights to Vijay - Sneha Prasanna Wedding

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http://www.tamilstar.com/ Sneha and Prasanna have set a new trend in Tamil film industry. Sneha and Prasanna sold their wedding rights to Vijay TV their by opening new doors for revenue generation. The buzz says that Vijay TV has acquired the telecast rights for a fancy price.Talking about the development, PR Nikhil Murugan says, "Since the rights has been purchased for a fancy price the FCT rates are high. Prasanna- Sneha have opened a new avenue to other celebrities by giving the marriage telecast rights." He adds, "Marketing rates are very high for this marriage event rather comparing with other existing programmes. That's the daze for both the actors." It will be aired on May 20. However, selling telecast rights is a popular culture in the West and Indian celebrities have also started following the trend.



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