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From now on I am Willy – Vanitha Vijayakumar

Vanitha Vijayakumar, who is very popular through the Big Boss show, recently spoke at the song release function of the film ‘Thillu iruntha poradu’ which has gone viral. He spoke on the show,

I left the castle for the place I got in the cinema. I’ve done nonsense. I realized this too late. Henceforth, I am going to capture the place I left off. When the director of this film Muralitharan came to me and told me the story, could I play the role of Willy in ‘Panchayat Parameswari’? He asked hesitantly. When I told him I was acting, his face flushed.

I have no hesitation in playing the role of Willy. I have decided to continue playing Willie. In this film I have the role of Willy as ‘Panchayat Parameswari’. They said to drive a  bullet (motorcycle) for this. I know how to drive a car. I will drive fast. But, I don’t know how to ride a ‘bike’. I learned from a friend to drive a bullet for a movie. The scene where I drive the bullet in the film will be ‘ overbearing attitude  (பந்தா) ’. I will be known as the world’s greatest willy.

Thus Vanitha Vijayakumar spoke on the occasion.