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How much Salary of Bigg Boss Tamil season 5 contestants?

The 5th season of Big Boss has ended successfully. The show, which started in October 2021, ended yesterday 16th Jan, 2022.

As everyone expected on the show Raju Jayamohan has been selected as the winner, which has given great joy to everyone.

Raju got  50 lakh price and  earned a salary of over Rs 70 lakh (include price).

Well beyond that let’s look at the details of how much all the other contestants who competed in the final were paid.

Priyanka Deshpande – Rs. 28 lakh 25 thousand

Bhavani Reddy – Rs. 20 lakh 17 thousand

Amir – Rs. 5 lakh 60 thousand

Niroop  – Rs. 11 lakh 20 thousand

Priyanka is the highest paid of the 5.