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Review by : Tamilstar team
Dhanush , Shruti Haasan
Aishwarya Dhanush
Anirudh Ravichander

It is usual for movies triggering huge anticipation to fail in performance.  The reason is that the movie cannot endure the burden of anticipation.  The lingering doubt about debutant director Aishwarya Dhanush’s movie ‘3’ was that sometimes when even movies of lead directors and stars do not succeed in fulfilling the anticipation, how her movie could turn hit.

There was unique expectation for the movie.  The reason is that director is superstar’s daughter, and actor is superstar’s son-in-law and actress is Ulaganayagan’s daughter.  Since these were all reasons for huge anticipation, success of ‘Kolaveri’ song added up to the expectation.

But Aishwarya has proved exception.  Although there is semblance of movies as ‘ThuLLuvatho ILamai’ and ‘Mayakkam Enna’, and although after interval the movie tests patience, one could view the movie.

Yet another feature is that Aishwarya has impeccably cinematized scenes without flaws which movies of debutant directors usually have.    For this, Aishwarya deserves a bouquet.

Let’s take up the story.

Hero Dhanush and heroine Shruti Haasan appear as Plus Two students.  Love blossoms between the two.  The lovers, who proceed till college, decide to marry as every other lover.  Dhanush and Shruti request for consent with their parents.
Initially, both of their parents do not give consent.  But later they concede and the marriage happens.  Here comes the interval. 

The movie moves quite interestingly till that juncture, and after the interval starts Dhanush’s ‘KolaiveRi’.  Dhanush comes as a psychotic.  He has disease by name bipolar disorder.  He hides the disease from his wife.

Already, we have commented about the director.  Further, the student getup for both Dhanush and Shruti proves picture perfect. 
The dialogues Dhanush speaks when Shruti’s parents oppose marriage and the reaction Shruti’s mother Rohini gives are unexpected twists to the movie.

Of late, for Dhanush, the characters turn out to be psychotic.  But nobody needs to teach him acting.  Dhanush intimidates through his delivery.

There were some flaws in Shruti’s delivery in ‘7aum ARivu’.  Shruti has gone one step ahead in performance through this movie.  She has given a different and improved delivery in this movie. 

The music by Anirudh for all the numbers is quite pleasant to hear.  He deserves appreciation.  Camera by Velraj is laudable. 

The question that arises is how is it that Dhanush alone knows the disease he has, and except him only his friend knows.  This violates logic.  But still, the director has beautifully depicted how present day youth make advances towards girls. 

It can be said movie ‘3’ proves an exception.

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