49O Review

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Review by : Suresh
Goundamani, Rajendran, Chaams, Balasingh, Guru Somasundaram
P. Arokiyadoss
Zero rules Entertainment

The big man of comedy is back after a long gap to render his best on screen. Goundamani, the king of satire comedy since 1980s, plays the lead in 49O. A movie that carries a lofty message. Perhaps the much relevant and needed one in today's society.

Age is no deter for Goundamani as the actor comes up with a performance that is typical of him. He makes you laugh, think a go emotional at places with his splendid performance. Whatmore for die-har fans of Goundamani, he plays Man of the Messiah role where he awakens a group and helps them achieve their mission.

Rajendran, Balasingh, Munnar Ramesh, Chaams among others give him company, while the technical department includes music by K, cinematography by Adhikaruppiah and editing by Paramesh Krishna. The movie is written and directed by P Arokiyadoss, a former associate of Gautham Menon.

The director seems to have been worried about the problems faced by agriculturists that prompted him to come up with 49o. A political satire, the movie highlights the plight of the farmers and at the same time throws light on how these farmers are cheated of the produce and their lands by politicians.

Goundamani played Sowri, an educated man in a village. He practices farming and all goes well until a greedy politician cheat’s people of their agricultural land by luring them with money.

They after selling their lands come to know that they are cheated. Now the onus is on Sowri to get the lands. He opts various ways including political acts to teach them a lesson. A by-election comes for their ward and it creates ruckus. What Sowri does to teach such greedy politicians a lesson form the rest.

Goundamani is awesome and strikes it rich. His one-liners and body language are worth mentioning. His counter dialogues are hilarious. He sports a middle-aged look, that of a father of a teenage girl. He carried the whole movie in his shoulder and delivers it well.

The rest of the cast includes Nan Kadvul Rajendran, Manimaran, Munnar Ramesh chipping in with their best. Balasingh is back after a long gap with a meaty role. 

Music by K is apt for them and a couple of songs that speaks about problems faced by agriculturists sound catchy while Aadhi karupaiah captures village at his best color. 

Producer Dr L Sivabalan deserves credit to gather guts to produce a movie that is more relevant. The movie doesn't take sides but boldly takes up a problem and tries to arrive at a solution for it. Super show indeed.

All in all it is super show by Goundamani and deserves a watch for the effort and message behind the movie's theme., Arokiyadoss deserves a pat for his bold political dialogues in the film.

49O-Super show

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