Aadhi Bhagavan - Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Jayam Ravi, Neetu Chandra, Babu Antony, Sudha Chandran
Yuvan Shankar Raja
J Anbazhagan

Anybody would feel like raising question as to whether there has been this much anticipation for movie with no weight at all and that also for five years... The reason is that story of movie Aadhi Bhagavan is the stereotyped one about playing imposter. 

Aadhi is a ruffian from Thailand, and Bhagavan is rogue from Mumbai.  As both turn out to be Jayam Ravi himself, higher authorities pressurize the police to corner Bhagavan and finish him off.  But heroine Neetu Chandra wants to save Bhagavan, her loved one.  Neetu plots and brings Aadhi to Mumbai saying that she loves him. Then using her influence Neetu Chandra hands him over to the police saying that it is Bhagavan. Then she arrives at Kerala to settle with Bhagavan.  The whole of the movie’s story is about how Aadhi escapes from police custody and whether he succeeds in finishing of Bhagavan and Neetu. 

Jayam Ravi emerges in two roles as Aadhi and Bhagavan throughout the movie.  He does some or other gimmick. But he fails to fill the hearts of audience with satisfaction.  One is able to relish Aadhi during the opening scenes.  But as Bhagavan appears, he proves repulsive to the audience.  It is an unbelievable comedy that he appears in guise of woman and succeeds in sharing bed with women he comes across.  This is nothing new as we have seen this comedy done by Prakash Raj.  Director Ameer could have contemplated a bit and done the movie more interestingly.  Also he could have moulded the characters such that the characters captivate the attention of audience.


Neetu Chandra emerges in two roles as Karishma and Rani.  One is not able to help asking what is more interesting for her in Bhagavan which is not there in Aadhi.  The action scene during climax in which she clashes with Aadhi gives us the feel of watching old James Bond movies. 

Throughout the movie, Neetu Chandra is seen puffing away packets of cigarettes. It appears like she is an expert in smoking.  Maybe, she is ready to go to any extent to prove appeal she has among audience. 

Ameer seems to subtly say that like men, women could smoke with least inhibition in the public. 

There are other stars in the movie as Anirudh, Babu Antony, Mohan Raj, Tarzan, Sudha Chandran, Karuna, Prasad Babu, Bala Singh and Sarath. 

Yuvan has given more importance to background music but has missed out on numbers.  Not one number in the movie impresses.  What happened to Yuvan?  Although cinematography by Devaraj is appeasing, one feels like asking whether it is movie by Ameer who did quality movies as Paruthiveeran and Ram. 

The climax scene drags on as there is fight between Aadhi and Bhagavan. One could see audience turning restless in their seats as fight between Aadhi and Bhagavan drags on thus making the climax lengthy.

Considering everything, the movie Aadhi Bhagavan does not stand up to expectations as Paruthiveeran did.

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