Adama Jeychomada Review

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Review by : Kumaresun
Karuna, Simha, Vijayalakshmi
Sean Roldon

Karuna and Simha coming together after Jigarthanda has aroused all expectations. Adama Jeychomada is one more movie on cricket that tries to go the comical way.

Directed by Badri of Thillu Mullu fame, the highlight of the movie is that the dialogues by actor Mirchi Shiva, who prefers to be behind the screen this time.The recent scam, reports of match fixing, spot fixing and betting form the crux.There is abundant fun, laughter and humour in the film.

Vijayalakshmi, Aadukalam Naren, Radharvi, Balaji, Chethan among others act in the film. Music is by Sean Roldon and camera is by Dwarakanath. It is the story of a match fixing agent who comes across a good hearted cab driver Karuna.

He works for the agent without knowing his intentions. But call it an irony, the bookie is killed and the blame falls on Karuna.Simha, a police officer, arrests Karuna. But comes to his rescue is producer Aadukalam Naren.

Now begins the run for money in match fixing. Karuna and Simha give a decent performance. Though the scope for acting is limited in such a genre, the film has enough opportunity.

Vijayalakshmi chips in with her best. Ravikumar and Radharavi also gave his best.Music by Sean Roldon is passable. On the whole, there are funny elements to keep one engaged.

Match and catch

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