Yennai Arindhaal Review

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Review by : Kumaresun
Ajith, Trisha, Anushka
Gautham Menon
Harris jeyaraj
A M Rathnam

Gautham Menon and Ajith have come together to render a stylish cop story. Yennai Arindhaal is a movie that is slick, entertaining and racy from the word go.

Gautham has successfully chronicled the life and travails of a man from his teenage till 40s. Ajith's stylish looks, catchy dialogues, twists and turns with Arun Vijay rendering a menacing show, Yennai Arindhaal is here to stay,The movie boasts of Anushka, Trisha, Vivek, Suman, Daniel Balaji among others.

Harris Jeyaraj's good BGM and Don Macarthur's camera capturing the chase and thrills in a plesant manner, Yennai Arindhaal ends up an engrosser.

Sathyadev (Ajith) meets a techie Thenmozhi (Anushka) in a flight. When they meet second time in Chennai, she encounters a group of baddies led by Victor (Arun Vijay) fight with Sathyadev.

A flashback reveals who Sathyadev is and why the goons are behind him. Sathyadev is a prisoner known to Victor. Impressed by his courage, Victor introduces him to his boss and an underworld drug dealer (Stunt Silva). There Sathydev wields his gun kills the boss and arrests Victor for he is a DCP.

Now Victor wants to revenge Sathydev. He bumps off Sathyadev's beau Hemanika (Trisha). Now Sathyadev is takes care of his daughter. Meanwhile, Thenmozhi comes to know that she is chased by Victor and gang for a reason.

The rest is all but a cat and mouse game between Victor and Sathyadev. Ajith is smart, bubbly and stylish. As a man in khaaki, he delivers his best. Gautham has understood what the audience want from Ajith and laced elements acccordingly.

Trisha is beautiful as ever and has an emotion part to play. Anushak as Thenmoizhi has nothing music to do. But Arun Vijay steals the show with a spirited show. His looks are menacing. Harris Jeyaraj's signature tunes doesn't go much with the story except Adharu Udharu.

But he compensates with his background music. Gautham Menon ha managed to make a movie from his stable and magnanimous Ajith has not allowed the mass star in him to dominate the script. Three cheers to the crew for a stylish attempt on Tamil screen.

Police Story

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