Alex Pandian - Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Karthi, Anushka Shetty, Santhanam
Devi Sri Prasad
K E Gnanavel Raja

Actor Karthi is an expert in giving movies intertwined with comedy.  In movies starring Karthi, there is more priority to comedy than action and romance. 

‘Alex Pandian’ turns out a movie intertwined with comedy and action.  Director Suraj has directed ‘Alex Pandian’ with some interesting scenes.  But, Suraj has messed up many other scenes in movie ‘Alex Pandian’. 

Let us come to the story... Karthi and Anushka flee as gang of villains is hot on their heels.  They take refuge in Santhanam’s house.  Anushka is admitted to a Siddha Vaidhya Sala.  The gang of villains chases Anushka to the hospital. 

‘Alex Pandian’ relates why the villains are chasing both Anushka and Karthi, and whether both escape from the clutches of the villains. 

In the opening scene, both Karthi and Anushka make good their escape from villains.  In the next scene, Karthi is in Santhanam’s house.  The comedy begins there.  Santhanam struggles to keep away his three sisters from Karthi. The scenes which show the struggle turn out hilarious comedy. 

There are double meaning dialogues in some places.  There is tremendous response from the youth for such dialogues.  Santhanam’s three sisters make advances towards Karthi, and those scenes give the tickling sensation to the audience.  But, such scenes are in excess. But still, the audience responds with laughter and applauses. 

Although scenes after interval are packed with action, Santhanam and Manobala have made their contribution in making audience laugh.  After the interval there are scenes happening in jungle.  Although those scenes seem to be in excess, Manobala has helped in making the scenes interesting.  The screenplay is full of interesting twist, and the scenes unfold speedily. 

There is no need to tell about Karthi.  Karthi emerges throughout the movie.  The mischief he does with Santhanam’s sisters is of course a comedy special.  Also, after interval, the action-packed scenes move the audience to the edge of the seat. 

Anushka emerges as Karthi’s pair.  She comes in one or two scenes in the first half.  As they point out at Anushka saying she is CM’s daughter, audience is confused as to why they are showing an aunty.  Then, it dawns that it is Anushka.  The combination of Karthi and Anushka has not worked out.  Although Anushka makes appearance in scenes after interval, there is nothing special about her. 

Santhanam has played a vital role in the comedy track.  There is no dearth to comedy as Santhanam emerges.  Manobalaa who makes appearance in few scenes, makes audience laugh.  Karthi has joined hands with both of these for comedy in the movie. 

Sanusha has done Santhanam’s sister.  Although scenes showing Saravanan seem irrelevant, scenes showing Saravanan and Karthi facing each other win applauses. 

Music by Devi Sri Prasad is commendable.   But there is nothing special about the duet songs and melodies in the movie.  But, background music after the interval is intimidating. 

The editing by Praveen and Srikanth has made audience stick to their seats. 

Direction is by Suraj.  Action comedy subject has helped him take the movie across to the audience.  Also, screenplay by Suraj makes the movie interesting.   Also, he has covered the issue of medicines prepared in America being sold in India.

There is no doubt that ‘Alex Pandian’ would win a place in hearts of Tamil cine fans.

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