Annakodi - Movie Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Lakshman, Manoj, Karthika
GV Prakash Kumar
Manoj Creations

Tamil cinema has turned more innovative with different plot, screenplay and advanced technology.  Bharathiraja has made efforts and brought out a movie in his old and unique style. 

Although Bharathiraja always does movies with stories happening in village background, fans anticipate that every one of his movies have uniqueness as the prominent feature.  As fans turn up at theatres with huge anticipation, they are left with just disappointment after viewing the movie. 

Okay… Let us come to the story. 

The movie’s hero Lakshman is a shepherd.  Manoj’s father is moneylender who lends money for huge interest.  If anybody fails to give back the amount on time, Manoj’s father abducts the person’s wife. 

One fine day, Manoj steals a goat from Lakshman’s herd.  This causes enmity between the two.

The movie’s heroine Karthika is also a shepherd.  She lives in the nearby village and romances Lakshman.  Manoj turns the villain for the love between the two. 

Sadaiyan (Manoj) goes to Karthika’s house to recover the interest for the loan given. Then, he looks at her with lust in his eyes and starts making advances towards her. 

Karthika’s mother sells liquor.  In a sudden twist, the police arrest Karthika and her mother and take them to the police station. 

Manoj makes use of the opportunity, pays an amount to the police, and brings back both.  Then, Manoj reveals the love between Karthika and Lakshman. Resultantly, Karthika’s mother is angered at Lakshman. 

Lakshman turns up at Karthika’s house with his father and requests for Karthika’s hand in marriage.  Then, Karthika’s mother asks them how a lower class person could approach her for alliance, abuses them, and insults them by pouring cow dung upon them.  As heights of atrocity, Karthika’s mother bashes up Lakshman’s father and Lakshman kicks Karthika’s mother. 

Karthika’s mother, with Manoj’s help, files complaint with police.  There, Lakshman is sentenced to six months in prison, and his father is left to cool his heels for two days.  Lakshman’s father comes out of prison, gets loan from Manoj’s father and brings out his son Lakshman on bail. 

The rest of the story is about whether Lakshman marries Karthika, or whether Manoj succeeds in attaining Karthika. 

Lakshman has made debut as movie hero.  It is hard to make out that the movie is his first one, and he has come out with impressing delivery.  One could hardly make out that it is Karthika who did the movie Ko.  She impeccably fits into the character of village girl.  

After a gap of ten years, Bharathiraja has made his son Manoj do villain role in movie.  The major strengths of the movie are Karthika’s delivery and Manoj’s delivery. 

Numbers for which GV Prakash Kumar has scored the music fail to impress. Background music is very average. 

Salai Sahadevan has wonderfully captured the rural beauty with his camera. 

Movie ‘Annakodi’ is Bharathiraja’s directorial venture after a long time.  He has made efforts to make movie out of real story and which adheres to present scenario.  But, the movie is stereotyped as his previous ones.  The screenplay is lagging behind in quality.

Taking everything into account, it is difficult that the movie ‘Annakodi’ impresses Tamil cine fans.

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