Aramm Movie Review

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Review by : Lakshmanan Dhoni
Gopi Nainar
Mohamaad Ghibran
Kotapadi J Rajesh

Who said cinema is only a medium of entertainment? Who said cinema is nothing but dance, romance, comedy and fight? Who said cinema is only about heroes? Here comes Aramm, a raw and a hard hitting reality work that is honest and sincere from the word goes.

A socio-political film, directed by Gopi Nainar and produced by KJR Studios, Aramm is a movie that would make people think and create an urge to act for changing the society.

An emotional ride with hard hitting dialogues, it is here to stay. The filmmaker takes up relevant issues from the society and woven a wonderful screenplay which is real and engaging.Call it guts ion the part of a top actress like Nayanthara to be part of such a film.

It has no commercial quotient and she dares to experiment with such a film. She adds more strength to the content.More a performance-oriented movie, Aramm features her in the role of a District Collector Madhivadhani IAS who strives to serve people.

Her intentions and ideas are for the people. The director has written her character as bold and has come out well on screen.Ramachandran Durairaj, Sunu Lakshmi, Ramesh, Vignesh, Vela Ramamurthy and every other artiste who form part of the movie have five their best.

Their emotion adds more value to the film. The characters look so real and riveting show by them makes it a serious contender for best film this year.Aramm's big asset is music director Ghibran.

His BGM suits the story well. It adds more emotion. Om Prakash's camera pictures the dry land vibrant and well. It is the story of young child who falls in a bore well left open the travails and agony involved in rescuing it forms the crux.

The razor sharp dialogues and the urge to get the child rescued safe gets you to the edge of your seats.Aramm is a movie that deserves a watch. An off-beat film that questions the system and society of its ills.

Honest attempt

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