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Review by : Tamilstar team
Aadhi, Pasupathy, Dhansika, Archana Kavi, Barath, Anjali
T. Siva

Movie ‘Aravaan’ is a directorial venture of Vasanthabalan based on the novel ‘Kaaval Kottam’ written by Su. Venkatesan.  The story’s arena is set in locations in Tamil Nadu southern districts dating back to 300 year.  The family profession for Vemboor people is breaking open temple treasury and stealing valuables.

Vemboor is the resident village for robbers.  Komboodhi is a noted figure in the village.  Orphan Varipuli comes and joins the village people.  Initially the village people hate him and then embrace him on seeing his talent.

Komboodhi breaks open the Kottaiyoor treasury which is not easily accessible.  He falls in the net of securities there.  Varipuli plays his own life as stake and saves Komboodhi.  The friendship between the two strengthens. 

Komboodhi requests Varipuli to marry his sister, but Varipuli reveals that he is already married. What is Varipuli’s background? During a competition Varipuli gets into the arena to save Vemboor people’s face.  He is thrashed by a gang and which takes him into custody.

The gang plays Varipuli as the stake for Chinniyaveerampatti.  Why is he being played a stake? What is Varipuli’s fate?

Vasanthabalan answers all these questions with unexpected twists of the story and unpredictable climax.

The truth is that Aadhi who comes as Varipuli,  Pasupathi who comes as Komboodhi, Dhanshika who comes as Vanapechchi, Karikalan who comes as Maaththooran, and Thirumurugan who comes as Veeran have not just acted, but enlivened the characters.

Every star has lived the character in the movie.  Actors as Bharath, Anjali, Swetha Menon, Shruthi Prakash, although appearing in few scenes leave an indelible impression in the audiences’ heart.

Art Director Vijay Murugan brings before our eyes residences of people before 300 years without least change to the old heritage.  

 Technicians including costume designer and the makeup man have done their part very well in carving out every frame of the movie. Cinematographer Siddharth has cinematized all these and brought realistic picture before our eyes.

Cinematography is perfect.  Music by N. Muthukumaran and songs by Karthik are melodious.  The song ‘Nila… Nila’ makes the audience hum.  The background music intimidates in the appropriate places.  But the song ‘Unnai Kolla Poraen..’ although melodious slows down the movie.

The dialogues by Su Venkatesan shine as a chiseled diamond in few places.  Applauses are due for Vasanthabalan who chose such a story and directed it impeccably.

Vasanthabalan’s hard work reveals itself in every scene of the movie.

Aravaan is an indelible classic

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