Kadhal Solla Aasai Movie Review

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Review by : Suresh
Ashok, Madhu Raghuram, Washna Ahamad, M.S. Baskar
K S Tamil Seenu
S. Lekha
S. Vijayaakshmi, S. Rajalakshmi

Romance always strike a chord with the masses. Several movies in the past have been made keeping in young audience in the mind who have a special liking for love stories. From time immemorial, it has been the order of the day in Tamil cinema. Joining the list is Kadhal Solla Aasai.

The way films are being made may have changed, but the content had been the same. Directed by K S  Tamil Seenu, the film stars Ashok of Pidichirukku in the lead. A young actor who promised a lot with his debut venture Pidichirukku plays a love-lorn youth caught between his ambitions and family.

The events that unfold in his life forms the crux. He is ably supported by a group of artistes. A family drama laced with romance and friendship saga make up the movie. The director has managed to come up with a theme that may go down well in any season. But the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

The slow pace at which the movie progresses, the cliched sub-plots mars the flow. Music by S Lekha lends grace. Thamizhachi Thamizhachi’ is sung by Achu, ‘Madai Thiranthu’ is rendered by Suraj are hummable. Jacob Rathinaraj's visuals captures the mood well. Especially the life in Chennai is vividly captured through his lens.

Coming to the story. Well, a deja vu ride is assured. Ashok has his own desires to be pursued in his life. He walks out of the family after his father and honest cop wants him to be a policeman. Ashok wants to pursue some other career. He struggles when he walks out, but not untill he meets the giurl (Madhuram).

All goes well. Both love each other but keep quiet and keep the desire within their heart. A saviour act by Ashok wins him a job at Ravi Raghavendra's huge office. But the joy is short-lived as troubles come one after another.

Ashok's life takes a turn especially his love life. Ashok does chip in well. he gets under the skin to execute things well. The rest of the cast too are adequate. M S Baskar stands out with a superlative show. However the cliched moments steals the thunder.

Kadhal Solla Aasai is one of the many eventually. A brisk started goes watery as it progresses.

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