Balle Vellaiyathevaa Review

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Review by : Suresh
M.Sasikumar, Tanya, Kovai Sarala, Sangili Murugan
P. Solai Prakash
Darbuka Siva
Company Productions

It is difficult for any female comedian to taste success in Tamil cinema. They always had played second fiddle to men in big screen. But Aachi Manorama was a rare exception. She acted in over 1000 films in various roles and best remembered for her comical characters. And for decades there was none to fill her shoes. But now comes Kovai sarala.

The comedienne has proved that she can lay claim to Manorama's throne with a out-and-out funny and comical show in Bale Vellayatheva. As Selfie Kaathayee she has brought Manorama before our eyes. She is extraordinary and comical timing is amazing.

Three cheers to Sasikumar for coming out with a movie that has Kovai Sarala in center stage. He has given her enough screen space.

Filmmaker Solaiprakash's writing is the key. He kind of brings to light how technology has made inroads in rural areas. How it impacted lives of villagers.

Sasikumar comes to the village with his mom (Rohini). He comes across Selfie Kaathayee. And they become friends. Also there is Tanya with whom he falls in love. What transpires in their lives form the rest.

Three cheers to Sasi who steps out of his comfort zone to play a comical role. It is appealing. He does it with conviction. Tanya, the new find is adequate. She is cute and bubbly. And watch out for Sanglili Murugan as fun-filled old man.

Darbukka Siva's  songs makes it an interesting affair. Bale Vellaya Theva is for fun-lovers. Comedy is abundant. Watch out for it reflects the lives of innocent villagers.

Balle Vellaiyathevaa - A Kovai Sarala special

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