Bodinayakkanur Ganesan

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Hari kumar, Soori, Sai Ravi, Arundhathi
John Peter
Hari kumar

Hari kumar’s forte is down south stories. He has already given two outings with these south stories and the third one has come like a sequel to those two, thanks to those clichéd country setting and action sequences. Still, the effort put by director Gnanam and the untiring hard work of Hari has saved this Lakshmi Krishna Combines’ production.

Close friends Ganesan (Hari) and Gilaki (Soori) are habitual offenders working under local goon Thiruvachi (Sai Ravi). Frequenting jail is not a big deal for these wanderers who earn a bad name and incur the anger of their village. They also spend time in a home for mentally challenged where Ganesan’s brother is admitted. Here the hero meets Saraswathi (Arundhathi), who is working as a nurse in the home.

Saraswathi initially rejects Ganesan’s love but later promises him she would marry if he corrects himself from wrong doing. Ganesan’s boss Thiruvachi also eyes on Saraswathi and the film takes a turn here when Ganesan decides to lock horns with his boss. A flashback reveals that both have already had many issues to settle.

Whether Ganesan reforms and succeeds in his revenge on Thiruvachi or not and who gets Saraswathi forms the climax of the film.

Harikumar has delivered a good performance as a village brat. Whether action or emotion, he does everything with all ease. Being a Choreographer-turned-actor dance comes well for this rugged hero.

‘Velutthukattu’ fame Arundhathi plays the heroine and she plays the role sensibly understanding the importance of her part in the story.

Sai Ravi is good, but sometimes irritates with yelling and screaming. Can’t our films stop casting these high-decibel-mouthed villains? Soori supports the screenplay with his acting.

Writer-director Gnanam has made a good attempt. But, he could have concentrated more in almost in all the departments of this film. The whole film needs a revamp for making this a big hit.

John Peter’s background music is plays the right support for the film. Songs do not impress much, except ‘Vanchira Meenu...’ Prabhakar’s cinematography works wonder in showing the greeneries of south villages. Editing should have given some more cuts to the film. Art work is good. Stunt director Anal Arasu’s work is worth mentioning.

Wanna take an action-packed journey into the lush greens of Bodinayakkanur? Watch the film, but only once!

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