Adhey Kangal Review

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Review by : saravanan
Kalaiyarasan Janani Iyer Sshivada Bala Saravanan
Rohin Venkatesan
C. V. Kumar

Producer C V Kumar knows the knack of picking up right scripts. His movies have had strong storylines and they were interesting and intriguing too.  Adding one more jewel in his crown is Adhey Kangal. A thriller with twists and turns at regular interval, the movie manages an engrossing watch.

Director Rohin Venkatesh has managed to come up with a movie that leaves you spellbound for the con genre has been well handled. And with just a handful of character, the filmmaker has made sure that the script doesn't deviate and story is bang on target.

Kalaiarasan, who made a name for himself with movies like Kabali, Madras among others plays the lead. His urban avatar as a visually-impaired chef is the hallmark of the movie. He gets his act right and shoulders the major responsibility in the movie.

Janani Iyer is cute and bubbly and as a reporter she carries her role with dignity. Bala Saravanan as a police constable evokes laughter. He has a part to play in the film. But the scene-stealer in the movie is no doubt Sshivda Nair.

She is beauty and plays a role with grey shades mightily well.Varun (Kalaiarasan) is a blind chef.  But his hard work brought him name and fame. He owns a restaurant.His childhood friend and a journalist Sadhana (Janani Iyer) is behind him and wants to marry him.

But things change when Deepa (Sshivada) comes in their lives.They become close and soon they fall for each other.Meanwhile Deepa informs Varun that her family is in deep trouble following huge debts and they are tortured by money-lenders.Varun agrees to help her.

But Varun meets with an accident and all hell breaks loose. Deepa goes missing. What happens then forms a thriller.Adhey Kangal's strength is Ghibran's strength. Three cheers to the team for pulling it well.

Three cheers to the team for pulling it well

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