Chennai 600028 II Movie Review

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Review by : saravanan
Jai Shiva Premji Aravind Akash Nithin Sathya
Venkat Prabhu
Yuvan Shankar Raja
Capital Film Works Black Ticket Company

When Venkat Prabhu and his boys announced coming together for a sequel to th8r ever hit Chennai 28, expectations did rose high. The million dollar question now is whether it fulfilled audience expectations ? Answer would be a a big yes.A typical Venkat Prabhu film with enough comical punchlines and loads of laughter blend around friendship and bromance make it a worthy watch.

When Venkat Prabhu made his debut with Chennai 28 as filmmaker, there was all surprise. But he proved his worth with a quality product admired by all. Chennai 28 II innings too is equally good. The story takes off from where the first part ended.

The group of boys are back again. This time with more energy and vigour. And they have a purpose too.

Mirchi Siva, Nithin Sathya, Jai, Akash Arvind, Vijay Vasanth, Vijayalakshmi and Premgi and others who were part of the first instalment are back. And additions in the form of Abhinav Vaddi and Mahatr Raghavendra add more shine and sheen. Yuvanshankar Raja has added more strength to the team. His songs are like fours and sixers at various places in the movie on cricket match.

His background score is equally appealing. 

And the songs are foot-tapping too.

Rajesh Yadav's cinematography is bright and beautiful. The lens captures rural beauty lush and green. And the match being captured in its beauty by him.And Venkat Prahu should thank his editor Praveen K L. His scissors has made the movie crisp and engaging.

The boys of Chennai 28 gets big and men ends up marrying and they have their own families and own problems.

And these boys are compelled to return to their youth days thanks to a compelling cricket match  that they are forced to play as part of the wedding of one of their friend. What transpires then form the crux.

Mirchi Siva and Jai are the two strength. They add enough strength to the script with their brand of comedy. And Premgiamaran is rock slid with his

mannerisms. Nithi Satya and Vijay Vasanth chips in well.Vijayalakshmi and Ilavarasu have a part to play.

Chennai 28 II Innings is a wonderful and a youthful entertainer. Worth a watch.

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