Charles Shafiq Karthiga Review

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Review by : Suresh
Sharrankumar, Narayanan Thirumalai, Vimal, Jai Quehaeni, Mishal

Today funny and catchy titles are the easy way to catch the attention of masses. CSK is one such interesting title perhaps reminds one of the local IPL team. Interestingly it has a different relevance.

Directed by Sathiyamoorthy, CSK is a simple seat-edge thriller. CSK means Charles, Shafique and Karthiga. The story of three people in their own perspective.Interestingly it is a women-centric story with enough in it to manage some attention.

A major portion of the story revolves around the heroine. The whole movie literally unfolds in a night. Karthiga (Jai Quehaeni) is the bread winner for her family and she has to take care of her sick mother.

Charles is Karthiga’s close friends and he has a dream to achieve – loves cricket and wants to play for Chennai Super Kings.Charles falls for Karthiga, and he follows her everywhere. Unfortunately Charles's mother doesn't like the idea of welcoming a Hindu daughter-in-law.

Meanwhile, Shafiq belongs to a struggling Muslim family. And to get his sisters married, he agrees to get do a transaction of smuggling diamonds. When his plan goes wrong, he entrusts the diamonds with Karthiga, who is a witness to the murder of a colleague and the killers are after her. 

It is a thrilling story with enough elements in it to woo the attention of the masses. Sathiyamoorthy deserves credit for making a daring experiment. It works out to an extent. The lead stars including Jai Quehaeni, Sharran, Vimal, Narayan, Mishal have done a good job.

CSK is a super show and promises aplenty.

Taut thriller

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