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Review by : Tamilstar team
Dr. ‘chiyaan’ Vikram, Anushka, Santhanam, Amala, Sara, Nassar
G V Prakash Kumar
M Chinthamani & Ronnie Screwvala

Hats off to Vikram and his director Vijay for taking the road less travelled with their Deivathirumagal. It is an honest film in the era of shallow and fraudulent mass masala movies with larger-than-life heroes. This one works and grabs us where it matters. Deivathirumagal is straight from the heart.

Vijay is able to draw the audiences from the first scene into the life of Krishna, a mentally challenged person who has the IQ of a five year old. He is fighting for the custody of his 6-year-old daughter, and in the process shows the people around him the value of love and family.

Vikram has come out with a very realistic portrayal and anchors the entire film. It makes you alternatively cry, get angry with the lopsided system and at same time laugh uncontrollably.

Krishna (Vikram) is a man who has the mental growth of a five year old and works in a chocolate factory in Ooty. His wife has passed away and he looks after his six year old daughter Nila (Sara) whom he is very attached to. One day she is snatched away from him by the rich and powerful Rajendran (Sachin Khedkar) his father-in-law and wife’s sister Shwetha (Amala Paul).

Their logic seems to be reasonable- as it is not a great idea for Nila to grow up with a mentally challenged person. Two lawyers Anuradha (Anushka) and Vinod (Santhanam) fight to keep father and daughter together. Will they succeed forms the rest of the story leading to a stunning courtroom climax.

This is Vikram’s best work in years. You can feel the earnestness of his intentions and the wetness of his tears. He is able to nail the character’s boyish charm and innocence like sunshine and his restraint in the courtroom scene and his poignant dialogues in the climax, is heart breaking.

Sara as Nila almost steals the show as Vikram's daughter, the bonding between the father and daughter is well brought out especially in the court scene. Anushka shorn of make-up and glam image has come out with her best ever performance as the lawyer. She is controlled and is riveting to watch on screen. Nassar as Bashyam, the cunning and intelligent lawyer is impressive in his crucial role.

Abandoning the conventional formula of throwing in a comedian to provide the laughs, Vijay packs the film with humor that arises out of everyday characters and seemingly normal situations. Santhanam has done subdued comedy superbly and the film is incomplete without his presence.

Assembling a rock-solid cast of actors who seem to effortlessly inhabit their roles, the director strikes gold with his supporting players too. Amala Paul as Shwetha, MS Bhaskar as Moorthy, Sachin Khedekar as Rajendran and Surekha as Rajee is all fantastic.

Aided by a catchy soundtrack by GV Prakash Kumar and Nirav Shah’s unflashy-but-intuitive camerawork and T Santhanam’s set designs are huge assets to the film. Among the songs, the melodious Vizhigalil Oru Vaanavil stays in your mind.

On the downside, the film is a bit slow and predictable in the first half, as director Vijay seems to be inspired by Sean Penn’s I Am Sam. The film moves at a leisurely pace and the story comes alive only in the second half. Overlook these faults, however, and make it a point to watch Deivathirumagal.

Watch it for Vikram , as he has a charismatic, alluring appeal that lifts this film considerably.


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