Demonte Colony Review

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Review by : Kumaresun
R.Ajay Gnanamuthu
Keba Jeremiah

Horror movies rule the roost in Kollywood. Well-compiled and technically superior eerie thrillers never failed to make a mark. In the recent past, movies on horror genres have been ducks laying golden eggs. 

Joining the list is Demonte Colony, by debutant filmmaker Ajay  Gnanamuthu. Arulnithi, who chooses his films with utmost care and caution has taken to do a horror movie in Demonte Colony. It is a well-written and neatly-executed film with enough thrills and spills to keep the audience engaged.

The movie is more an attempt to scare you but at the same time engages one. The movie has no big heroine or candy floss love sequences or crass comedy, but keeps one glued to their seats.  Srini (Arulnithi), Vimal (RJ Ramesh) along with his two other friends Raghavan and Sajid are close buddies and they have all fun in a housing board colony at Foreshore Estate.

They stumble upon an abandoned bungalow in Demonte Colony. Now they try to check out. Well, there is a horror past to the bungalow and suddenly one after another the friends gets killed.All the four friends get murdered one by one as their small housing board apartment is haunted by the dead Demonte himself. What happens next? 

Arulnithi is is terrific. He is at his best. Oozes right energy and plays his part exceedingly well. He emotes at his best. Sajkid is a good find. M S Baskar makes a brilliant cameo.Cinematographer Aravinnd Singh captures eerie moments at his best. The dark shades are used to perfection.

Ajay has done a wonderful job. A former Protege of A R Murugadoss, he has made his mentor proud by giving a special show on screen quite different from the rest.

It needs tremendous guts on the part of a filmmaker to do a film sans romance and Kuthu songs. Eventually Demonte Colony ends up an engaging affair and three cheers to the filmmaker.

Horror at its best

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