Desingu Raja – Movie Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Vimal, Bindu Madhavi
D. Imman

Director Ezhil has made the screenplay of movie ‘Desingu Raja’ keeping in mind the present comedy trend. Thus, he has made efforts to enthrall fans through comedy. 

Okay, let us come to the story. The movie’s story starts with issues between two villages as Puliyur and Kiliyur, which comes down several generations.  Vimal does a character named Idhayakani from Kiliyur.  Bindu Madhavi does character named Thamarai from Puliyur. 

As the movie begins, Vimal’s uncles as Singam Puli and Chaams pray in the temple for his marriage to be conducted soon.  There, Vimal meets Bindu Madhavi.  As Vimal comes across her, he starts loving her.  Initially, Bindu Madhavi rejects Vimal’s love proposal, but later accepts his love for her. 

There is clash between the two villages which comes down several generations.  Bindu Madhavi’s father kills Vimal’s father.  As a retort, Vimal’s grandfather hires a goon and slays Bindu Madhavi’s elder brother.  Bindu Madhavi’s father and uncle wait to finish of Vimal. 

Amidst all these, love between Vimal and Bindu Madhavi strengthens.  As a climax to the love, both have relationship.  Bindu Madhavi’s family comes to know of her romance.  The issue is blown out of proportions.  Bindu Madhavi pacifies her father and asks Vimal to come to town limits. 

Bindu Madhavi’s father and uncle wait there to finish off Vimal.  Then, clash erupts between Bindu Madhavi’s father and Vimal.  In a fit of rage, Vimal ties the knot on Bindu Madhavi.  Vimal’s underhand comes there and kills Bindu Madhavi’s father. Also, they take Vimal along with them. 

The village panchayat gathers and sends Bindu Madhavi with Vimal.  Bindu Madhavi says that she has not come to live with Vimal, but to finish him off. 

The rest of the story is about whether both join hands, or whether Bindu Madhavi kills Vimal. Also, the climax reveals whether Bindu Madhavi’s uncle wreaks vengeance on Vimal. 

Vimal has done the movie in his usual style.  Bindu Madhavi, who does role of Thamarai, appears very beautiful in village attire.  Singam Puli and Suri impress through their comedy.  Vinu Chakravarthi, who does Vimal’s grandfather, has performed well.  Ravi Mariya, who does Bindu Madhavi’s uncle, emerges as short-tempered person in the movie. But, in the climax, he proves that he is also a comedian. 

Number ‘Nelavattam Nethiyile’ for which D Imman has scored music pleases fans.  ‘Thamirabarani’ Banu has done the item number. 


Although it the usual story, Ezhil has made audience laugh through comedy intertwined in the story.

Totally Desingu Raja is The King of Comedy Raja

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