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Review by : Tamilstar team
Sanjay, Nakshatra, Sangeetha Butt,
Sriram Padmanabhan
debutants Abhishek ,Lawrence

The Title, ‘Doo’ and T Rajendhar are the only two familiar names of this film. One is what you have had in all your childhood plays.

The other, Rajendhar has crooned a number! Would this bring that big opening for this small budget film? Yes, it has. But, team has failed to take the full advantage of these big names. Still, this ‘Hearty’ movie will not dishearten you!

‘Doo’ is not a child’s play. It is a serious movie, very serious sometimes. Debutant Sriram Padmanabhan’s story and screenplay has lot many things that interest you. The plot is not new, but he has entwined the thread nicely into the fabric of the film with interesting lead characters.

But, Oh dear director, something is missing in the film…!

‘Mundhinan Paarthene’ fame Sanjay and Nakshatra, debutant and daughter of yesteryear actress Sumitra, are the lead characters and the entry of Sangeetha Butt takes the story into a love triangle. The ego clashes between the lead pair forms the main theme and who joins who decides the end of the movie.

Sanjay has tried to bring out the ‘egos’ to respond Nakshatra’s and both have succeeded in their attempts to some extent. While Sanjay scores with his experience Nakshatra does it with her natural talents. Sangeetha Butt has also done her part well. Finally, Nakshatra is the one who still remains there in your mind. Good attempt in her debut film. She will go places if she hones her skills.

Other characters are too adamant to earn a name for them. Thanks to the poor characterization and casting. Some look very unnecessary for the story and the screenplay. Sriram could have given more time in bringing out a better screenplay. Some scenes remind you Vijay’s S. J. Surya directed ‘Kushi’.

Music is by debutants Abhishek and Lawrence. The works does not have much for us to ‘Stay tuned in love’. Ample scope, but the duo missed the bus! Better luck next time, guys! Maravarman’s camera is a huge plus point in the film. Editing may have given some importance. Do they know editing plays a vital role for the success of the movie?

And, T Rajendhar, with his big number, does not impress this time!

‘Doo’ is not a child’s play but, very childish! Can be watched for the new comers!

‘Doo’ is not a child’s play but, very childish! Can be watched for the new comers!

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