Dora, Review

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Review by : saravanan
Nayanthara, Thambi Ramaiah, Harish Uthaman, Sulile Kumar
Doss Ramasamy
Vivek Siva Mervin Solomon
A. Sarkunam, Hitesh Jhabak

Nayanthara enjoys great star power and single-handedly decided the fate of many films recently. Dora is one such movie that speaks about eerie ride is Dora.Directed by Doss Ramasamy. Dora features Nayanthara all the way. A one woman show and pulls it off well. Thambi Ramiah, Harish Uthaman led the race. 

The movie is produced by A Sarkunam and Hitesh Jhabak and features music by  Vivek and MervinDora is a revenge movie. It is about a dog's spirit into a car which is then bought by Nayanthara.

There is another story of Harish Uthaman, a strict police officer investigating a murder. The stories blend at a place.What happens then and what the possessed car does is the rest,

Doss Ramasamy has ensured everything is spooky and eerie here.But sadly poor editing and camera world, as the show.Nayanthara is the one big element in the movie that scintillates with her performance.

Nayanthara's performance, catchy colorful and Vivek Mervin's background score are good.But watching a predictable plot and slow narration spoils the entire work.

Dora- Predictable show

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