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Review by : Suresh
Sathyaraj, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Kishore
Sarjun KM
Sundaramurthy KS
Timeline Cinemas

Filmmaker Sarjun K M needs no introduction. His short films Lakshmi and Paa went viral in YouTube. Now he makes his debut on big screen.  Sarjun's Echarikkai - Idhu Manidhargal Nadamaadum Idam is an engaging entertainer to an extent.

He has tried to live up to expectations to an extent.The movie is about a teenager David (Kishore). He wants to woo a girl with his skills. He gets a bad news then from Thomas (Vivek Rajagopal). It gives him shock.

Thomas's father has murdered his wife as she denied him money. Filled with an uncontrollable rage, David uses the same knife which took away the life of his elder sister to kill Thomas's father. In just a few minutes, both Thomas and David have become orphans.

Their lives are changed forever. As David spends most of his life in prison, Thomas struggles in the city. Both David and Thomas are keen on leading a normal life, wherein they do not have to struggle to fulfill their basic needs.

On their return they plan to kidnap Swetha (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) for money. Swetha enters a retired police officer Natraj (Sathyaraj) to investigate the case.The movie has interesting turn of events and the story is written well.

He makes every sequence interesting with enough preludes.He explores human instincts and their good and bad sides well.All the characters including  Sathyaraj, Varalaxmi, Kishore and Vivek have a part to play.

They appear realistic.Varalaxmi gets to show both sides of her characters. A timid girl initially who turns bravado later. Sathyaraj as a doting father and strict police officer delivers it aplomb.

Newcomer Vivek Rajagopal is the highlight of the movie. Kishore does what is expected of him, while Yogi Babu's comedy fails to make a mark.Three echoers to sarjun for a decent start.

Echcharikkai Idhu Manidhargal Nadamaadum Idam - Gripping and grave

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