Eetti Review

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Review by : Suresh
Atharvaa, Sri Divya, Jayaprakash, Aadukalam Naren, Aadukalam Murugadoss
Ravi Arasu
G. V. Prakash Kumar
Global Infotainment Pvt. Ltd

Atharva is no doubt a hardworking and a dedicated actor. Son of veteran actor Murali, Atharva is admired and adored by all after he played a splendid role in National award winning filmmaker Bala's Paradesi. Much was written about his performance then.

Then came his movie Chandiveeran, which was also appreciated by a few. Now all eyes are on his Eetti. Directed by Ravi Arasu, the movie is about Pughazh (Atharvaa). His travails and tasks to make it big as a spinster makes up the movie.

Atharvaa looks fit and trim for the role. He has done a super role. He almost lives up the character. With his toned up physique, he looks the best as Pughazh. As a sprinter, his professional training has come to the fore. Playing the female lead is Sridhivya. The lucky charm girl get to play a middle-class girl which is very meaty.

The crux of the movie is action and revenge. Pughazh (Atharvaa) grows up with the dream of becoming a greatest sprinter. He come all the way to take part in National's Meet in Chennai. There he is compelled to lockhorns with underworld mafia.

They take up cudgels against Pughazh. They are stumbling block to achieve success by Pughazh. There is Gayathri (Sridhivya), a middle-class homely girl, who falls in love with him. Did he achieve his mission or not forms the crux.

Atharvaa is the tailor-made for the character. He manages to ooze laughter, give energy and engage audience with his performance. Sridhivya is awesome. She is cute and bubbly. She fits the role well.

The likes of Adukalam Naren, Jayaprakash and Adukalam Murugadoss have a role to play.Music by G V Prakash is catchy while Saravanan Abhimanyu's camera captures chase well. Raja Mohammad's editing makes it engaging affair.Produced by Global Infotainmemnt,

Eetti is sharp and flies high.

Eetti - Sharp but sweet

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