Engeyum Eppodum

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Jai, Anjali, Sarva, Ananya
M Saravanan
AR Murugadoss

Ramana’ and ‘Ghajini’, both Tamil and Hindi, cannot be erased from the minds of film goers forever. And, his next magnum opus ‘7aam Arivu’ is all set to see its release soon.

With his series of blockbusters under his kitty A R Murugadoss has proved that he is one of the most talented directors of Indian cinema. This young and highly talented director has turned producer with a simple and strategic film ‘Engeyum Eppodhum’!

‘Engeyum Eppodhum’ is released now. Result?

Yes, the director, and now also a producer, has successfully come out with flying colours, with the neat narration of this wonderfully woven story!

Bus accidents are very common these days. And, we see it as just an accident… When it happens to us and the experience could be anything – just an experience or a life changing big turning point!

‘Engeyum Eppodhum’ brings the latter! Yes, the story’s core point is a bus accident that puts two couples’ lives upside down!

Automobile company employee Kadhiresan (Jai) and Nurse Manimekalai (Anjali) are neighbours and these two opposite characters, a soft-spoken and good-hearted boy and outspoken and very practical girl, fall in love. They decide to get married and set out to meet Kadhiresan’s father, who lives in Villupuram. The couple boards a bus from Trichy, in a bus that goes to Chennai.

Another couple, Gautham (Sharvanand) and Amudha (Ananya) are also struck by the arrows of Cupid, when Gautham, an IT professional in Chennai, helps Amudha, who had come to Chennai from Trichy for an interview. After the interview Amudha returns to Trichy. The love-bug-bit unrest couple contemplates to meet again. Amudha again travels to Chennai in search of Gautham but in vain boards a bus at Chennai to travel back to Trichy.

Here, Gautham, who had come to Trichy, boards the same Chennai bus that Kadhiresan and Manimekalai take to go to Villupuram.

What destiny has is – a life-changing accident at Villupuram! And, the two couples meet at this point to give a big twist in the story.

What happens next? You, find the answer on Silverscreen!

Jai – Oh, what a performance? Where this guy had hidden all his potentials? Wonderful acting, extraordinarily delivered! This talented actor will go places if he chooses characters like this. Well done, Jai!

Sharvanand – Another, good show of acting skill in this film. He perfectly fits that IT guy, and all those expressions come to him and he shows it at ease.

Ananya – The bubbly actress does it again, after her unforgettable performance in ‘Nadodigal’. She adds big strength to the humourous track of the story with her energetic acting!

Anjali – Yet another simple and neat performance from this young girl, and yes the girl definitely brings love in the air with her eyes and facial expressions.

Other characters also fit the bill with their underplay acting. Others sure make a mark but stand nothing before the performance and dominance of the four lead characters.

Kudos to the debut director! M. Saravanan, a student from the school of A R Murugadoss, rises to heights with his well written screenplay with a never told, simple story, delivered in a novel way, but as clear water! And, characterization work also is excellent!

The flashbacks are nicely evolved and entwined in the fabric of the screenplay. The hard work of this young talented director is seen in every frame of the film. Sure, title ‘Eneyum Eppodhum’ will become the nametag for M. Saravanan. A big pat on his back!

The film introduces another talented young man, here. Sathya’s songs are good. But more than songs, the background score brings out the best from this debut composer. The right string and beat at the right place! Sathya has helped for the soft travel of the screenplay, and emerged big at places where his sound is required! Lyrics by Na. Muthukumar and M. Saravanan are an asset to the songs.

Velraj’s eye for detail is seen in many places. His work film by film is improving. And, with ‘Engeyum Eppodhum’ he sure makes another big leap. The travelling of his camera all through the film is very supportive to the story and is a big plus of the movie. The accident scene is worth mentioning!

Editing is good. But, could have given more cuts in the first half and at places in the second. Nevertheless, Anthony has worked understandingly!

‘Engeyum Eppodhum’ also joins the big league of big films in content, though made as a small budget and as small actor movie, with its out-of-the-box story and wonderfully woven screenplay, and a neat performance of the characters.

Big cheers to the Guru and the student… Yes, Murugadoss and M. Saravanan have done it!

And, it is a good maiden venture for Hollywood’s Fox Studios, who has produced the movie along with the ace director!

Again, big thanks to them for bringing out a stand-out film in the crowd of ‘masala’ run-of-the-mills!

A must watch – For every cinema aspirant, a cinema lover, a critic and for all ordinary film goers!

Get it seen, before others ask, “Have you not seen ‘Engeyum Eppodhum’?

Total : Enjoyable entertainment with a meaningful message!

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