Ethir Neechal - Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Sivakarthikeyan, Priya Anand, Nandhita, Dhanush, Nayanthara
RS Durai Senthilkumar
Anirudh Ravichander
Wunderbar Films Private Ltd

In every man, there is a hidden uneasiness which cannot be related easily.  One’s residence, lifestyle, employment, romance, people around, and difficulties in family turn constraints which prevent one from moving freely in a public place.  It causes some or other embarrassment in public place.  It applies to naming of a child also. 

In villages, children are named after family deities and ancestors.  Movie ‘Ethir Neechal’ brings to light the children’s mentality as he or she is given a name, and conveys message that there is nothing about a name, and that true greatness lies in accomplishments. 

Hero Sivakarthikeyan’s mother, not blessed with a child for quite long, prays that she would name the child after the deity if there is a normal delivery.  The child is named Kunjithapatha Sami.  The name turns reason for mockery at home, school, college, and among friends.  Everybody calls the hero as Kunji. 

As hero Sivakarthikeyan decides changing his name, ill-omens start showing up in the family.  So, he decides not to change his name. 

As the name turns a hassle in romance, the hero is heartbroken.  He decides changing his name as there is nobody by his side. 

The hero meets a numerologist, Manobala, and changes his name to Harris.  Also, he changes his house, job and area. He changes to Harris. 

In a development, the hero meets Priya Anand who is a school teacher and romance blossoms. The heroine comes to know that the hero has hidden his real name, and the story is about his efforts to tackle the problem and his efforts to make the name popular. 

There is comedy intertwined in the movie.  Till the movie interval, scenes show the struggle by hero which arises out of his name. 
It is really commendable that Sivakarthikeyan has had meteoric rise such that he wins applauses.  His delivery is unique and could be relished.  His acting is commendable when he goes behind his lover, when he fends for his love, and when he tries succeeding in romance. 

Every number in the movie has come out beautifully.   Following movie ‘3’, music composer Anirudh would sure be spoken about through the movie.  Also, background music wins applauses. 

Heroine Priya Anand has done it well and mesmerizes audience.  Nandita has done her role in the movie well.  Every other character in the movie as Jayaprakash, Manobala, Madhan Bob fit into their characters. 

The tantrums by tailors, who are Sivakarthikeyan’s friends, send ripples of laughter across the audience. 

The story is intertwined with comedy till the interval.  After the interval, Siva takes part in Chennai Marathon to make his name popular.  Nandita is his coach for the Marathon.  There is flashback to her, which one needs to make out while watching the movie. 

After the interval, Dhanush emerges.  There is dance by Dhanush for number. The song conveys that in a wine shop, there would be sure people who have failed in love.  The number adds to the movie’s strength. 

Director Durai Senthilkumar finishes the movie with message: -


 ‘There is nothing in a name.  Only our efforts and accomplishments add credit to name.  The name we are given by parents is just not to be taken lightly.  It is identity of a lineage.’ 

Taking everything into account the movie is sure to send ripples of sensation across the audience.

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