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Review by : Tamilstar team
Suriya , Shruti Haasan , Johnny Tri Nguyen
A. R. Murugadoss
Harris Jayaraj
Udhayanidhi Stalin

The previously successful combination of Surya and Murugadoss has taken up a story dating back to 1600 years, which revolves around a character called Bodhi Dharman. The combination has done this with the sole purpose of retrieving the Tamilians’ history and giving it a boost. The successful combination of these two people has raised huge expectations.

The movie opens up with the Shaolin temple in China. Bodhi Dharman, a Pallava emperor from Tamilnadu, goes to China and settles there. He has been shown as a deity being worshipped there.  The way the scenes have been taken in this juncture, and background narration gives the feel of a documentary.

Murugadoss opens up the story by introducing a man well-equipped with the martial arts which was taught by Bodhi Dharman in China. This man is sent to India to assassinate Shruthi Haasan. The Chinese plotters wish to assassinate Shruthi because she does a DNA research to find out the offspring of Bodhi Dharman in Tamilnadu. The plotters fear that if the offspring is identified it would prove a hindrance to their plan to spread a virus havoc in India. They fear that this in turn would foil their plan to make business out of the virus havoc, and hence the plan to assassinate Shruthi. The screenplay is all about how she creates Bodhi Dharman again out of his offspring and foils the entire plot.

In spite of the complication in the screenplay, the movie has been taken in such a way that it is comprehensible even to a common man. Murugadoss is holding his head high here, and compliments are due for him.

Both the characters of Bodhi Dharman and his offspring have been played by Surya.

When taking up Surya, we can say he has played the character of Bodhi Dharman amazingly. He has built his physique to the range of a male model.  The worn out look of the Aravindan character reveals how he manages the herculean task of changing to Bodhi Dharman. He has put in ardent effort to play the circus artiste character.  The songs and dance are really up to the mark. The climax which runs to more than 20 minutes concentrates only on Shruthi character, and does not have Surya. But we need to appreciate the effort to please the audience during the fight sequence in the climax. Shruthi is of course very attractive, but she staggers a bit with her lisping Tamil. In spite of the fact that she has proven to be a good actor, she needs to learn a lot from her father.The applause goes to the villain character Johnny.  The steady gait and hypnotizing looks win him the cheer. He impresses in spite of very brief dialogue delivery.  There is still the staleness of the old songs in Harris’s Music composition. Chandran’s camera and Antony’s editing add up to the incompatible technical nuances.

The fight sequence shot by Peter Hayne makes one sit at the edge of the seat. In spite of being explanatory in minute details and being knowledgeable, there still arise questions.

Murugadoss has put in tremendous effort and he has gone into minute details. He has assembled all the details carefully.

But there are still flaws in a few junctures.

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