Inayathalam Movie Review

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Review by : saravanan
Ganesh Venkatraman, Shweta Menon, Sukanya, Erode Mahesh
Arrol Corelli
Uma Shankar

Inayathalam by filmmakers Shankar and Suresh is a movie that speaks about the need to discipline ourselves in social media. The greed to get likes on Facebook and the need to do away sharing needless posts are stressed in a detailed manner.

This has inspired directors Shankar and Suresh to come out with Inayathalam. An action-thriller with Ganesh Venkatram, Swetha Menon, Erode Mahesh, G Koushika, and Y Gee Mahendra in key roles, there is abundant research gone behind the story.

And watch out for a superb show by Sukanya, who plays an interesting and intriguing role in the movie.The travails of those who are affected by sharing of news without confirmation in Facebook and Twitter is well highlighted.

Produced by Uma Shankar, the movie has camera by Karthik Raja and music by Arrol Corelli. Editing is by Rajneesh. Swetha and Erode Mahesh works in cyber department. And there is a tough polic eoffice Ganesh Venkatram, who is a police officer who fights criminals single-handedly.

A major crime happens in the city. Scores of incidents happen in the city.A shocking live relay of murder in a website becomes tha talking point of twonm.Swetha Menon and Erode Mahesh gets down to work along with Ganesh Venkatram tpo nab criminals.

They could not locate the server and problems multiply.Eventually with the help of Ganesh Venkatram, the case is resolved. And the killer jappens to be...... Suspense.Ganesh is tailor-made for the role. Erode Mahesh evokes laughter and engaging.

Swetha Menon and Y Gee Mahendra are goo. But Sukanya is the scene stealer who appears towards the end. She does a matured show and does a great act.Iniyathalam is a great show which carries a message.

Inayathalam _ Cyber crimes

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