Irandaam Ulagam Movie Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Arya, Anushka
Harris Jayaraj
PVP Cinema

Selvaraghavan’s latest release Irandaam Ulagam is all about what happens in two different worlds and how the two worlds get connected. The director has given a new dimension to love where the lead character in the film travels to a different world under uncanny circumstances. In the first half, Anushka, a doctor, falls in love with Arya but he rejects her stating his family commitments. Anushka gives in to pressures at home and agrees for an arranged marriage only to get a positive feedback from the hero. Now it is Anushka’s turn to disagree but eventually the two agree and the wedding is fixed. In a strange turn of events Anushka dies…

Now in another world at the same era, you find Arya and Anushka. In this world Ayra is the son of the commander and Anushka is a commoner. Here the duo gets married much against her wish.

Now the rest of the movie is all about how Arya from the present world travels to the outer world and what transpires there.

Harris Jayaraj has scored the music for the songs and they have already hit the charts. The background music by Anirudh leaves a lot to be desired. Cinematography, editing and other technical aspects of the film are very special. Though, animation and special effects are not of international standards will definitely impress the Tamil audience nonetheless.

The movie storyline is not lucid as the sequencing of scenes was not in order particularly in the latter part. Selva’s vision is not transmitted into a mission; nevertheless it can be applauded for its novel attempt.


Irandaam Ulagam - Is the second world of Tamil cinema

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