Iru Mugan Review

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Review by : Lakshmanan Dhoni
Vikram, Nayantara, Nithya Menen
Anand Shankar
Harris Jayaraj
Shibu Thameens

After much anticipation, Vikram's Iru Mugan finally hit the screens. Director Anand Shankar has managed to give his audience a promising thriller that has been seasoned with romance, scientifuc innovations and action.

The story of Iru Mugan is that of a suspended RAW agent Akilan. Played by Vikran, he returns to the force to track down his believed-to-be dead nemesis who had killed his wife and has now developed a new super drug that he plans to sell to terrorists. So how does he foil this terror plan and succeed in his motive forms the rest of the story. 

Although selling drugs is an old story in movies, Anand Shankar has managed to be different. He has managed to prove that an ordinary man and go extra ordinary things when pushed to it. 

The real challenge is when one plays duel role and this seems a cake wake for Vikram, who also plays a scientist called Love. Well, Love is not loaded with love, but is just the opposite. 

Vikram's avatar in this character has been done well. His modulation are apt and is make believe. 

Nayanthara and Nithya Menen have meaty roles in the flick. The two are strong characters in the movie that is clearly etched out to bring in the color to the plot. 

Thambi Ramaiah has more screen time and the role is like any other one that he has been portraying in many of his films. 

Supporting characters like Nassar, Thambi Ramaiah, Bala and Karunakaran have done a good job in the flick. 

Cinematography by RD Rajasekhar is both colourful and lively. In the hands of Bhuvan Srinivasan, the movie has been edited clean.

Harris Jayaraj who already enthralled his fans withe Halena song has done a good job through out the movie. 

The screenplay is crisp, though it tends to slow down in some places. Several twists and turns have made the plot and the screenplay a good watch. 

Iru Mugan is high on chemistry, history, science, romance and drama. 

A racy affair

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