Jigina Movie Review

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Review by : aravindhan
Vijay Vasanth
Ravi Nandhap Periasamy
John Peter

Conveying strong message through their movies by filmmakers are the order of the day. Joining the list is Ravi Nandhap Periasamy. His Jigina speaks loud against the perils of social media especially Facebook.

How youngsters are wooed by Facebook. They take to needless act in it and end up spoiling their lives.

This the director has managed to weave as a complex story but with some real life-like events. Jigina conveys that all that glitters are not gold. The fact that Lingusamy coming forward to release the movie on behalf of his Thoruppathy Brothers is half the battle won.

Paavadai Saamy (Vijay Vasanth) is a call taxi driver. A love-loran youth, he wants to woo girls and win their heart. He wants to chat.

Guided by his friends in IT Company, he creates a fake profile in Facebook and calls himself a photographer Kishore Kumar whom he met accidentally. Paavadai manages to find one Angel Priya (Saneya Tara) on Facebook and eventually falls in love with her.

But soon it is revealed that another girl named Karugamani who works as a maid in Angel Priya’s house impersonates her on Facebook and she is the one who chats with Paavadai. The rest is racy and riveting tale that conveys a message.

The filmmaker has taken a strong subject which is relevant for the day and handles it well. There are racy dialogues which are apt for the life style of current generation of youngsters.

Vijay Vasanth does a good job. A typical Chennai youth, he executes everything well on his shoulders. Good show by Sanyathara adds flavor to the script. But the lacunae are a predictable first half.

Ravi Nanadha Periyasamy deserves three cheers for a good work and the message is well said and driven out well.

Strong message

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