Jilla Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Vijay, Kajal Aggarwal, Mohanlal
D. Imman
Super Good films

Mohanlal and Vijay share a special relationship. The former is a don and Vijay is his humble liegeman who can go to the extent of slaying people who turn against Mohanlal. Inorder to thrive successfully the don decides to make Vijay a policeman. Now what happens after Vijay becomes a policeman remains the story.

The first half of the story moves swiftly with action and comedy ruling the roost. Vijay dislike kakki and has a flashback behind it. The scene where he falls for Kajal Agarwal the moment he meets her and takes a big team of goondas to seek her hand in marriage is enjoyable. Following this the scenes with Kajal and Suri simply rocks the theaters. On one side the romcom and on the other sparkling action scenes where Vijay fulfils the dictates of Mohanlal come as a huge festive treat to Vijay fans.

It is only during the interval Vijay becomes a policeman and the director inserts a twist that keeps the audiences glued to their seats when till then the movie was care freely revolving around comedy, romance and action. The opening scene for Vijay ensures that the movie is going to be a mass entertainer. The actor scores both in casual and serious roles yet his serious dialogues sometimes irritate the audience. Mohanlal’s character has been given equal importance to Vijay’s and his performance is commendable though the story completely moves around Vijay, the actor has shown his experience in comedy scenes as well. Suri definitely needs a pat on his back for his act. The scenes where he interacts with Vijay in police uniform makes the theater roar with laughter.

Music by Imman is the highlight of the movie, all his songs are unique. Editing by John Max and camera by Ganesh especially in action scenes are simply daring. Magath and Sampath have fitted their roles to the tee, though Magath doesn’t have a long stint in the film his role is an important one.

Scenes that could have been short and crisp have been unnecessarily dragged testing the patience of the audience. Moreover the film lacks logic. Yet the movie is a pure commercial masala and at that it will surely remains a treat for Vijay fans.

Jilla will make the box office chime!

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