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Review by : Suresh
Rajinikanth, Nana Patekar, Samuthirakani, Easwari Rao, Huma Qureshi
Pa. Ranjith
Santhosh Narayanan
Wunderbar Films

After much hype comes Rajini's Kaala. First thing first it speaks from where Rajini and Pa Ranjith left in Kabali. The film speaks oppressed versus land mafia. Loaded with political punch, it speaks about good versus bad.

And Kaala is a one-man mission who accomplish the impossible. Those knowing Ranith's ideas, it is well and clear that the movie is more of a fight between right view ideas and that of the downtrodden and sidelined human beings in the society.

There are lot of symbolic representations that convey this idea all throughout the film.Kaala begins as Ranjith's film travels as Rajinikanth's movie and ends in typical Ranjith style. Rajinikanth's style, mannerisms do find a place in the movie, but considering his political ambitions, Kaala has scenes that portray him as Messiah of the Masses. Vintage Rajinikanth is back.

Though he plays the role that suits his age, he does have romantic scenes that helps being part of the film. Sequences with his wife Selvi (Eeswari Rao) and the song Thanga silai portrays Rajini in new dimension. The screen presence and the signature style of the superstar carries forward the film. Much racy than Kabali, Kaala speaks about a lot of issues, First thing first, here Rajini as Kaala takes on an influential leader in Mumbai Hari Dada (Nana Patekar)  The later wants to clean Dhaharvi slums for his upcoming housing project.

He speaks about digital Mumbai and Clean Mumbai. He is shown as admirer of a particular faith and power thirsty. Nana Patekar does the role with such eadse and elan. His subtle body language and the mannerisms remind one of country's top politicians today. Easwari Rao as Rajinikanth's wife, Huma Qureshi as NRI on a mission, Sammuthirakani as Kaala's dost Valliyappan fit the bill well.   

Kaala fights for the cause of slum dwellers in Dharavi. In the battle between Hari Dadha and Kaala, many livges are lost including Selvi and Kaala's son. Eventually it boils down to a bloody climax and all well ends well. The director has used Jallikattu protests play a part of the script. There are larger message conveyed to society. The land being the centre of power and reason for all tussle are well narrated.

The movie speaks against the establishment and stresses the need for people to live in their own habitat. No matter in the name of industrialisation, they should be chased away from their home land. Rajinikanth uses the opportunity to silence his critcis are many places with the dialogues. Santoish Narayanan's music manages coupe of catchy numbers while the rest reminds one of kabali.

Murali's camera captures Dharavi in new color.All said, the movie is a right wagon for Rajinikanth to begin is political propaganda as he expressed his political ambition openly.

Kaala - Action for the oppressed

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