Kadal - Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Gautham Karthik, Thulasi Nair, Arjun, Arvind Swamy
Mani Ratnam
AR Rahman
A Manohar Prasad, Mani Ratnam

Movie ‘Kadal’ is Mani Ratnam’s make in which sea and human life are intertwined.  The movie pairs up Karthik’s son and Radha’s daughter.  Of course, if it is a direction by Mani Ratnam, then the movie is worth watching... One could feel goose pimples the moment he hears that it is movie by Mani Ratnam.  Moreover, before release of the movie, reports went abuzz that there is lip lock in the movie.  Moreover, dialogues are by Jayamohan which adds to the speciality of the movie.

Let us come to the story...

Actor Arjun and the handsome Arvind Swmay jointly study to turn a Father.  Arvind Swamy is a nice fellow... Arjun is a truant... Arjun does not mind studies but minds a different job...

Arvind Swamy brings this to the attention of the Revered Father.  Resultantly, Arjun is not able to turn Father.  Then, Arjun pledges that he would not let Arvind Swamy to turn Father. 

Arjun turns a don.  Arvind Swamy turns father and turns up at the town Arjun resides in.  Then there is battle between love and hatred, and battle between good and bad. 

Really, after a long gap, a good and realistic movie has come out.   In the first half, there is furore in Church.  You could easily make out the movie’s quality as there is no reminder of kiss with Radha’s daughter till the interval. 

As Arvind Swamy comes to the town as Father, the plight of the Church and the dialogues by those people pulls the audience into the movie... Even if it be God, our people take it easy and throw casual remarks...  (The remarks by those people about God and Church should not prove seed for fresh controversy.)

Gautham is almost like an orphan and is a lonely ranger.  Arvind Swamy shows sympathy upon him and mends him through love. 

There are many twists in the movie... It is not justified to blurt those out... Arjun tries to make Gautham a rowdy after Arvind Swamy mends Gautham’s ways.  At the same time, Gautham receives affection from Radha’s daughter.  The rest of the story is about whom among the Father, master and heroine create impact upon the hero. 

But one thing needs to be said... After a long time Mani Ratnam has come out with a movie which is worth watching... He has made a real accomplishment through the movie.

Arvind Swamy is one who decided to quit cinema for good.  Now, one could make out why he is back...He does the role of father impeccably... He has lived the character.  The hero for the movie is Father Sam. 

Really, it is surprising that Arjun conceded doing such a villainy role.  But one should appreciate his guts.  He has given a tremendous performance. 

We were really doubtful about Gautham’s performance.  But his look and expressions which reveal lack of empathy at one juncture, and surge of emotions in the scene showing delivery of child, are really commendable.  He suits the fisherman character.  If he does such good movies, he could flourish as an artiste. 
Actress Thulasi has done a role like that of a mentally retarded, or better to say, a girl who has mind block.  It befits to say that she resembles her mother Radha in her debutant venture.  Only after two or three movies, one could make out whether she is really talented.

Rajiv Menon’s cinematography is superb... AR Rahman’s music is really mesmerizing.

The screenplay, story and dialogues are by Jayamohan.  People who say that dearth of stories make them copy an English movie need to see the movie.  One should learn from Mani Ratnam how to make use of literary icons.... Throughout the movie, dialogues are natural... The local dialects bring the South Tamil Nadu before our eyes.  The dialogues are really worthwhile...

But irrelevant romance scenes and duet are flaws in the movie... But still, it is a cinema...

So as to finish the movie, there is a fight in the climax... and the knot is released which proves highly cinematic.  Anyway, it gives the feel of a good novel turning a movie.

Taking everything into account, the movie ‘Kadal’ permeates our hearts!

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