Kadugu Review

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Review by : saravanan
Bharath, Rajakumaran, Bharath Seeni, Subiksha
Vijay Milton
S. N. Arunagiri, A. Seelin (BGM)
Suriya,Bharath Seeni,Vijay Milton

Cinematographer-filmmaker Vijay Milton after 10 Endrathukulla, is out with Kadugu. It is an emotional drama on crime against women. The need to stand tall against crimes and why one should stand against them.Vijay Milton proved his kettle with a movie like Goli Soda and though had a slip in his next,

yet managed to prove that he is a sensible filmmaker wityh Kadugu.Kadugu explores the need to protect girl children and understand their emotiopns.Director Rajakumaran  and actor Bharath plays the lead roles and Vijay Milton has managed to ensure that everything stay close

to reality and no commercial elements are added to make it cinematic.A soft-spoken poor orphan Puli Pandi (Rajakumaran) works as cook for inspector Suriya Prakash (A Venkatesh) in a village. Pandi cares for people around. Though poor, he wants to help all.

There is Nambi (Bharath). A village head admired for his good deeds. As events unfolds, situation leads Nambi to remain a mute spectator for a crime that leaves a child dead. Pandi shocked to know this wages a lone battle. What happens eventually in their lives form the crux.Rajakumaran is surprise.

He plays a serious role with utmost perfection and there is no artificial attachment to his performance. He pulls it off well. Bharath needs appreciation for agreeing to do such a movie. He does give his best.Bharath Seeni, Radhika Prathistha, Subikha, S S Stanley, Sakthi also did well.

Arunagiri's music is okay while Vijay Milton's camera steals the show. Produced by Rough Note Pictures and released by 2D Entertainments, Kadugu is  a movie that is high on sentiments. Though there are logical lapses and the movie is tad slow, it is watchable.

Kadugu_ Slow but steady

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