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Review by : Tamilstar team
Vimal, Anjali, Shiva, Oviya, Santhanam
Sundar C
Vijay Ebenezer

The movie is the 25th movie by Sundar C, who has taken incarnations both as director and actor.  If one goes to the theater without having logic and anticipations, the movie is sure to be an entertainer and makes one laugh.

Let us come to the story…

Hotel by name ‘Masala Café’, which turned out a profitable business for three generation, fails to fill the treasury when it comes to the present generation.  Vimal, through honest effort, tries to revive the business. The cook VS Raghavan, and granddaughter Oviya assist him in the business.  Ilavarasu gives loan to Vimal at times. 

Vimal, who comes across the hygiene specialist Anjali, falls in love with her.  Initially there is clash, and later love blossoms between the two. 

Then Siva is released from prison and his back.  He is Vimal’s own blood brother.  He is just a buildup type of character.  As soon as he arrives, he starts romancing Oviya.  As per his idea, they introduce the old delicacies and the hotel business turns a success. 

An important businessman in the town gets into efforts to usurp the Masala Café.  John Vijay, the town inspector is by his side in his efforts.

During this time, Anjali is betrothed to her relative.  Anjali requests Vimal to take her away.  Vimal hands over Masala Café to his brother and he goes to the village to abduct his lover Anjali. 

Vimal encounters the comedy villains Santhanam and Manobala.  There is a fine comedy track, but when Anjali’s grand father dies, the romance meets failure.

Vimal, who is back to native place with frustration, has another shock.  His brother loses the hotel in gambling and also loses his lover Oviya and resorts to severe bouts of drinking. 

How the brothers retrieve the hotel is the rest of story.  There is a comedy gang in the midst headed by Subbu. 

There is a comedy fight and the story has fine ending. 

From the first scene till the last, there is no logic in the story.  But of course, director Sundar sure makes the audience laugh.

The dialogues by Siva could have been curter with just one-liners. 
Siva, who goes for shoplifting in purdah to get items for his lover encounters Vimal who does not have money to get a handbag. Then, Vimal requests him to steal a handbag too.  This sure is a fine comedy track which makes audience giggle.

In the climax, when the policeman character receives a blow in head, it recollects one of movies as ‘Thangapadakkam’ and ‘Alex Pandian’ in a humorous manner. 

The dog character in the movie deserves applauses. 

The hero for the movie is Vimal.  But he does not show heroism and plays his role modestly.  His brother Siva too is okay. 

Among the heroines, Anjali has got chances to show acting talent and glamour.  She goes down to any level to show glamour. 

Oviya too is pretty good at glamour. 

Only after the interval Santhanam appears.  His dialogues are not that much interesting, but still his body language is quite appeasing. 

Ilavarasu, resorting to different getups to escape police, Subbu who is in search of diamonds receiving blows in the end, John Vijay getting trapped in the bathroom of former minister and every other character is good in comedy. 

There are lots of flaws in the movie.  But if one defies logic, the movie sure proves an entertainer. 

Camera by UK Senthil Kumar captures the Cauvery River quite well.  It makes one long for Cauvery River. 

The music by Vijay Ebenezer is average, and more attention could have been shown towards lyrics. 

Sundar C has taken the movie with sole intention of making audience laugh.  He has not missed the target there.  The whole theater shakes with laughter.

The movie sure maintains a fine comedy track.

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