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Review by : Suresh
Krishna, Vidya Pradeep, Samyuktha Menon
Kiran Chand
V. V. Prasanna
Nakshathra Movie Magic

A movie that is high on emotional values. It speaks about bonding and relationship. Three cheers to Krishna Chand, the director for coming out with a nuanced work on human emotions in Kalari.

As the title suggests, the movie unfolds in Kerala. IT speaks of brother-sister bonding, wayward father and a man fighting anxiety desire.No better person that Krishna to play the lead. He is there giving his best in a complex role and he pulls it off in style.

Ably supported by a good star cast, Kalari makes a decent watch. Murugesan ( Krishna) runs a provisional store. He is keen to find a good guy for his sister Thenmozhi (samyuktha).

He suffers from anxiety disorder. Their father M S Baskar is a drunkard and for booze he has other plans for his daughter's wedding. Meanwhile there is Malavika (Vidya Pradeep) who loves Murugesan. Things go haywire and it is all up to Murugesan to set the house in order.

The story is emotional and is more a melodrama. Krishna Chand' s writing is good. He ensures that there is enough twists and turns told in a different way. Interestingly he has not compromised on commercial values. Krishna and Baskar are the flesh and blood of the movie.

They give their best and make the movie stand tall. Krishna brings out the actor in him well. Baskar's body language is apt for the character. All artistes including Jayaprakash stands tall. Three cheers to Krishna Chand for getting the best from his artistes. A movie that is strikingly different from the rest.

Kalari - Emotional ride

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