Uttama Villain Review

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Review by : Kumaresun
Kamal Haasan, Pooja Kumar, Andrea, K Vishwanath, K Balachander, Urvashi
Ramesh Aravind

Uttama Villain is here. Kamal Haasan in a new avatar. After a long gap, he takes to play a emotional drama with family values and sentiments.

The actor in Kamal Haasan gets a tailor-made script by screenplay writer Kamal Haasan. Directed by Ramesh Aravind, the movie stars Kamal Haasan, Pooja Kumar, Andrea, K Vishwanath, Jayaram, Urvashi, M S Basker among others.

Interestingly K Balachander’s last acting venture was Uttama Villain. Ghibran has composed music  for the movie. Produced by Thiruppathy Brothers, Uttama Villain will be released by Eros Internationals and Studio Green.

Interestingly, Uttama Villain is a film within a film; one, a social drama involving a film actor and the other, a musical set in another period.

The common thread between these two stories is K Balachander. The movie boasts of technical excellence and some fine acting by the artistes.

Kamal Haasan sparkles and not far behind is K Balachander. Both combine well to create an aura. The movie is set in two ears - one in 20th century and another in 8th century. He has taken the help of the art forms theyyam (dance) and Villupattu (folk music).

Uttama Villain is about an actor Manoranjan (Kamal Haasan). The actor is admired and adored by all and he is considered the kin of box office. His wife Urvashi and grown up son besides his father-in-law K Vishwanath are part of his family.

Manoranjan develops headache and is treated by a doctor (Andrea). Coming to know that he is counting his days following a brain tumour, the actor in Manoranjan wnts to do one last film with his mentor Margadarisi, who gave classics in the actor's early days.

There begins a film within the film. Meanwhile, Manoranjan comes to know about his past lover and the daughter that he had with her. What happens then forms the rest.Ghibran's music, shrewd script by Kamal Haasan and splendid visuals by Shamdatt makes it an wholesome family entertainer.

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