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Review by : Tamilstar team
Raghava Lawrence, Lakshmi Rai, Sarath Kumar, kovai sarala
Raghava Lawrence

We Saw Actor cum Director Raghava Lawrence’s Performance in his Previous collections Mass, Style and muni. And now he is back to Scare us through his Muni sequel Kanchana, With hot Lakshmi Rai and special appearance from Sarath Kumar.

Plot of Movie Kanchana: Raghava (Lawrence) is a young guy, Who is leading a happy life with his mother Brother and sister-in-law. And he is very much scared of darkness and ghosts. He loves cricket and he himself is a good cricketer too. While searching a place to play cricket with his team, Raghava enters into a place where some dead bodies are burried.

He paves the way indirectly for the Ghosts to enter in to his home. Unknowingly, he carries Ghosts along with him with his blood stained stumps. The three ghosts starts to do some scary things in his home and settles in Lawrence body. Mean while, Raghava’s younger sister-in-law (Lakshmi Rai), who is a model enters the Scene. And here comes the Romantic scenes that takes place between Raghava and Lakshmi Rai.

And the story begins when Raghava starts to behave abnormally. As a Transgender he begins to wear saris, wearing bangles etc. Dismayed by his behaviour, mother Kovai Sarala approaches a Muslim Peer and came to know that Raghava’s body is invaded by three ghosts. When the Peer calls out one of the ghosts, it starts telling Flash back story.

Karthik (Sarath Kumar) who is a transgender (Hizra) faces Discrimination from all sections of society and his Family too. With help of an old Muslim Baba, he changes to ‘she’ renaming himself as Kanchana. She starts to work for the welfare of Hizras. Kanchana adopts one more Transgender and joins her into MBBS course. when Kanchana saves Rs.25 Lakhs to construct a hospital for poor people, local MLA (Devan) occupies this land, and kills Kanchana and her entire family brutally. All three dead bodies are buried in the same land.

This is the land where Raghava goes to play cricket and is caught by the evil spirit of Kanchna who wants to take revenge on MLA and his family. Do Kanchana’s Spirit Succeded in her Ambition? How does Raghava’s Body is being used by kanchana to accomplish the task, forms rest of movie.

Actor’s Performance: Raghava Lawrence did an excellent job in portraying as terror filled Kanchana. Mannerisms came out well, with in his own direction. Hot Lakshmi Rai was cornered only for sake of songs. Kovai Sarala did her best in making Fun with Lawrence in thrilling scenes. Sarath Kumar’s performance as Hizra is touching. Every audience would think that Sarath kumar did this character to throw light on the problems facing by Hizra community from the society.

Other aspects such as Story and scripting is similar to ‘Muni’ but Lawrence made minor changes to introduce anxiety factor on the screen. Music scored by Thaman is not appealing, It has Tamil flavor and won't appeal to Telugu audience. Background score in thrilling scenes is good though.

Lawerence tried his best to focus on the social issues around transgenders and that gave scope for a better performance.

Till second half, Kanchana does not actually enter into main story. Once the second half begins, Lawrence started to show comedy mixed horror scenes. Entry of Sarath Kumar raised the anxiety. And climax is as regular but done with care and perfection.

When we see Over all performance, Kanchana have its own plus points in the form of few thrilling moments. Technically Kanchana is a sound film. And Cinematography is an asset to this film.

few thrilling moments and good movie

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