Angusam Review

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Review by : Suresh
Kandha, Jayati Guha
Srikanth Deva
Manusri Film International

Manhukannan has taken up the task of producing and directing a movie that serves a purpose. It speaks about Right to Information act that nails the coffin for the corrupt. With an interesting storyline, the director has managed to come up with a story besides educating people on the need to use RTI for best possible results. What more but for the lead actors there is a set of seasoned campaigners that includes Charlie Dhandapani among others. 

The interesting part is that the movie begins as a routine Tamil cinema with naach-gaana. But slowly settles down. As it progresses, it takes twists and  turns and ends on an educative note.

The movie is set in a rural village where a bunch of youngsters hold sway. They have their gala time and works for an MLA (Dhandapani). They do anything for Dhandapani. 

Meanwhile the youngsters led by Skanda realise that the MLA is corrupt and greedy. They decide to take on them. But they don't know how to. They are educated by one middle-aged man Charlie in the village who educates them on how to use Right to Information Act and it can be used as a tool to educate masses on getting all info about greedy and corrupt politicians and government officers.

Eventually Dhandapani is taken to task. Skanda does a good job, while Jayati Guha is passable as heroine. Charlie chips in with his best while Dhandapani oozes venom in his words. Manhukannan deserves pat for making a bold movie.

Right is might

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