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Review by : Tamilstar team
M Kalanjiyam, Sunita Varma, Anjali, Seenu,
M Kalanjiyam
Srikanth Deva

For a bold attempt and a rare story to be made in Tamil, ‘Karungaali’ could have been a successful film if the makers had given it a due care in the screenplay, characterization and plausible reasons for the incidents and happenings.

The film is made as another good attempt that is joining the infamous league of poorly knitted screenplay.

The film opens with ‘Pottalam’ Ravi (M Kalanjiyam), while he is on the run from police, saving the life of Kanimozhi (Sunita Varma), a doctor. The doctor comes to know about the story (flash back) of Ravi and marries him after he comes out of the jail.

And the flash back is…

‘Pottalam’ Ravi, an orphan, along with Chengi, a girl, and other wanderers are being brought up by an old man, who teaches the ‘policy’ of life ‘Do all bad acts but never beg’. The gang joins ‘Dada’ Rajesh and indulges in all criminal acts. Ravi becomes the ‘Dada’ in the place of Rajesh when he kills his boss. Chengi, who insists Ravi to marry her, gets killed by Ravi when she becomes pregnant. Ravi becomes the incorrigible criminal, womanizer and a pervert, so much so to the extent that he copulates with a dead body of a girl.

The flash back ends and the present opens with Amudha Nila (Anjali) marrying her childhood sweetheart Gunasekaran (Seenu). The marriage life goes all well till they find that the couple will not be able to give birth to a child. The couple approaches doctor Kanimozhi for their problem, and this forms many pretexts for Ravi, who is the husband of the doctor, to cross into the troubled marriage of Amudha Nila and Gunasekaran.

Ravi makes his advances towards Amudha Nila to make her yield to his desires. The climax ends with questions whether Amudha succumbs to Ravi, what happens in the life of Kanimozhi and finally what Ravi is upto…

Kalanjiyam could have tasked his associates and assistants to help him in his histrionics. Sometimes his acting irritates with overacting and sometimes he disheartens with his numbness.

Anjali is the only consolation in the film. It was learnt that the actress accepted this role when she was all naïve in films. She had chosen the right character, but not the right script. She is grown up and can understand cinema now. Anyway, she can be appreciated for her emotions and expressions in the film. She did have put her efforts and it has clicked for this upcoming actress.

Sunita varma and Seenu would have fallen into the category of performers if the director had given a good shape to their characters. The characters fail and do the actors.

Mu Kalanjiyam makes another bold attempt with his character and story. But the loosely tied screenplay and the unfitting shapes of characters fail to support the story. Kalanjiyam, the writer and director, who delivered good scripts in ‘Poomani’, ‘Kizhakkum Merkkum’, ‘Poonthottam’, ‘Nilave Mugam Kattu’ and ‘Mitta Miraasu’ fails here in ‘Karungaali’.

Srikanth Deva’s music and songs are so, so… Cinematography does impress us. Good work Sivasundar! G. Vivekanandhan, the producer, must be appreciated for bringing out such a bold attempt, a big risk indeed!

Sri Gurujothi’s ‘Karungaali’ does have entertaining factors with bold theme and scenes to make the audience sit through the entire film.

A watchable film!

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