Kasethan Kadavulada

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Sharan, Kamna Jethmalani, Pandiarajan, Muthuraman, Lakshmi, Thengai Srinivasan
Jamal Movie Creations

The title attracts you! Yes, the title reminds you the yesteryear’s famous super hit movie – the Black White ‘Kasethan Kadavulada’ starring Muthuraman, Lakshmi, Thengai Srinivasan, Srikanth and Manorama!

This new film of 2011 has tried to tickle the funny bones of the comedy genre fans and, yes, they have succeeded to some extent.

The movie is a full-length comedy feature that you tend to forget all logic and other flaws of the screenplay and the film.

Four friends, a girl and three boys, join together in their con act to earn their living. And, their acts benefit the poor also. Debut actor Sharan is one of the members of the gang. Time comes to show their real work when a greedy landlord asks the people to vacate the land of the slum where these four conmen also resides. The landlord asks them to pay Rs. 4 Crore if they wanted their land and the team takes a mission to garner that 4 Crore through their con act but this time from a bank robbery!

They succeed in the robbery but destiny has something more to offer as they are forced to land in Andaman Islands and they had to hide the huge sum under a dilapidated old building. The four returns to the mainland only to find that the dilapidated building has become a new police station! The team does all tricks to get their money back. What happens to the money, whether the money is used by the gang to save their land forms the end of the movie.

New face Sharan has done his work what he has assigned. Lot to improve in his acting and facial expressions, if he wants to continue in the industry! Kamna Jethmalani plays the love interest of Sharan and her part is limited only to songs and some romances.

Actor-director Pandiarajan’s role and act lacks many features. Why should he act in such type of roles? Sathyan, Jeeva and Divya Padmini play the friends of hero Sharan. Their work is a good support to the script. Karunas’ work is appreciable. Same with Mayilsami and Singamuthu! They have contributed to some extent to save the film from becoming a big dud at the box-office. Delhi Ganesh comes as a police officer. Though the characterization is bad he balances with his acting talents.

The big flaw in the film is that the script lacks logics in many places and scenes. All right, this is out-and-out comedy outing, but shouldn’t we have some believable parts at least when there is a twist and turns in the story?

Thirumalai’s work as a director shows that he had not done much work on the script and in the sets also many shots seemed to be Okayed without retakes. Yes, it shows in the characterization and in the faces of the actors.

Music is by actor Karunas. Good attempt. Not bad! Songs are so, so and background score matches the script.

The movie is produced by Jamal Syed Ibrahim and J. Raja Mohamed under the banner Jamal Movie Creations.

The film is a remake of Telugu super hit ‘Blade Babuji’. This Tamil flick scores points only by tickling your funny bones. Worth buying that multiplex ticket!

But, don’t expect big perfections. Forget everything and enter the hall! You will enjoy!!

‘Kasedhan Kadavulada’ is a good entertaining weekend movie! A laugh riot sans logic!!!

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