Kathukutty Review

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Review by : Suresh
Narain, Srushti Dange, Soori, Jayaraj, Sandhya
OWN Productions

Kathukutty by Saravanan is a movie that speaks the need to preserve agriculture. The plight of farmers is well narrated. It comes close on a similar film 49O featuring Goundamani.

Kudos to Saravanan as the young filmmaker has taken to lighter side to narrate the same. He speaks about the need to promote farming and rings warning bell on the troubles the nation would face if farmers are wiped out from the land.

The movie is set in Thanjavur, the bed of agriculture in this part of the country. Saravanan who turned filmmaker after working as journalist for some time, seems to use real-life incidents to narrate the tale.

Naren who hitherto played serious roles on screen takes to comedy for the first time. In the company of Soori, he manages a good laugh.  Srushti Dange is at her best. The bubbly actress fits the role of village belle with perfection.The movie is not preachy.

The director has managed to weave commercial elements at right mix to make it work. Watch out for the methane extraction issue in Thanjavur being used well in the film.Arivazhagan (Narain) is fun-loving youth in a village in Thanjavur.

He spends his entire tome with friend Ginger (Soori). They share all fun under the sun. They drink and live merrily.He comes across rural belle Srusthi Dange and falls for her. Meanwhile the ruling party in the State decides to give Arivazhagan, who has huge respect for farming and farmers, a chance ahead of his father to stand for by-elections.

Now what Arivazhgagan does to revive farming and does he win the hearts of people in the village of not? This forms the rest.Narain has tried his best to suit the comical character in the first half.

He does manage to make you laugh at places. But many a times, he looks fish out of whether in the role.Soori's comical timing is movie's strength. Interestingly he comes all through the film. Srushti Dange is good and has meaty role to play.,All the others in the cast also chips in well.

The first half is breezy and entertaining while the second half is tad slow. All said, Kathukutty is a good film for it takes up an issue and runs around with a solution.

Kathukutty - Agrarian woes

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