Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga – Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Vimal, Sivakarthikeyan, Bindu Madhavi, Regina, Muthuraman, Delhi Ganesh, Sujatha.
Yuvan Shankar Raja
Pasanga Productions

Vimal debuted into cine field through movie ‘Pasanga’ directed by Pandiraj.  Sivakarthikeyan made debut into cine field through movie ‘Marina’ by Pandiraj.  Both have joined hands for Pandiraj’s directorial venture ‘Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga’. 

As per the story, Vimal and Sivakarthikeyan are unemployed.  With desire to accomplish in politics, they serve former MLA from the locality. Although many women send love messages, they keep away from women and remain just bachelors

In a development, romance sprouts in both of them.  Also, a desire arises in them to turn area councillor. 

The story is about efforts by Billa and Ranga (Vimal and Sivakarthikeyan) to succeed in their desire, and resultant tantrums. 
Also, there is father – son sentiment in the climax and the movie has come out colourfully and with message. 

The movie’s heroes put the shawl upon those who are boozing in TASMAC liquor shop and begin campaigning for the elections in the TASMAC liquor shop. 

Parotta Suri makes comments with a grim face. Those comments provoke tremendous response from among audience.  His payment is sure to shoot up following the movie.

His dialogues which mock women provoke tremendous laughter among the audience.  In one particular scene, an elderly person speaks very seriously… then Suri mumbles

‘He seems to be very good person… I could have been his son-in-law….’

Vimal proves a setback to the movie.  His performance does not show out when compared to performance by Sivakarthikeyan and Suri.  There is no strong reason for clash which erupts once in a while between Vimal and Sivakarthikeyan. 

The pleasant surprise in the movie is Regina… she appears gorgeous even with lesser makeup.  Directors could consider her for their upcoming flicks.

Throughout the first scene, Bindu Madhavi keeps winking and threatens audience.  As the movie scenes go by, she mesmerizes even without makeup. 

Only few numbers are commendable.  The number in which Sivakarthikeyam and Regina appear seems to be thrust into the movie irrelevantly.  Although the movie has such flaws, thanks are due for the director for giving a family entertainer. 

For two hours, the director has made the theatre shake with laughter, and for the last ten minutes, the scene showing father – son sentiment, happens to be emotional.  But the movie ends in a lighter vein.  If those ten minutes were not there, audience would have said that there is nothing noteworthy about the movie.  The emotional scene fits into the movie to some extent.

The movie which happens to be a hilarious comedy could be enjoyed once…

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